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August 18, 2017 Rager & Yoon Discrimination

Fairness in the workplace is far from being a reality, especially when it comes down to gender equality. It seems that many women are not making the progress they expected at work. With so many obstacles set in their path, chances are they won’t be able to achieve their career goals in the same way men do. It’s just harder for women out there to land a job and keep it with the same pay and benefits men have. There are also fewer job opportunities available to them. Unfortunately, gender discrimination can go unnoticed for a while. This is something you may only be able to discover with the help of an experienced Pasadena gender discrimination attorney.

Pay Equity

Although women generally have more degrees than men, they still earn less than men in almost every profession. But why is that? According to recent studies, a woman worker only earns 77 cents for every dollar a man earns, which means there is still a significant gender wage gap. One of the most important reasons why this occurs is the occupational segregation women are exposed to. Many legislations that address this issue have been passed. However, the battle against employment discrimination and inequality at work may continue in the years to come.


Sometimes men and women are interviewed differently. Questions about children and pregnancy are generally asked women candidates. Also, there are inappropriate questions about age. These inquiries are not necessary. They are personal questions the person interviewed is not obligated to answer. Being pregnant or planning to have a family should not diminish the candidate’s qualifications for the job. Likewise, women can’t be fired for requesting maternity leave. They are legally entitled to this special time with the newborn.

Positions Held

Women can do the same jobs men do. All employees, regardless of their gender, should be offered similar opportunities depending on their experience and qualifications. Candidates are hired based on their skills, not gender. Employers can’t discriminate against women who apply for jobs traditionally held by men or vice versa.

Wrongful Termination

Employers can’t fire a woman because she complained about gender discrimination issues in the workplace. Whether due to sexual harassment, gender, age, marital or pregnancy discrimination, all terminations should be handled without prejudice.

Archaic Views On Gender

Things have changed quite a bit since the stone age. In other words, there are views that were popular back in the days but not any longer. For example, women used to wear skirts instead of pants in the workplace. These are no longer fashion standards for modern women unless that’s the company’s uniform. Professional attire has nothing to do with gender differences. Likewise, sexual harassment should not be permitted, event in male-dominant professions.

Time For A Change

If you have been become the victim of gender discrimination or have witnessed gender discrimination in the workplace, you can contact a Pasadena gender discrimination attorney today and claim your rights.

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