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Los Angeles Religious Discrimination Attorney

Employees, as well as individuals applying for a job, can find protection from religious discrimination in Los Angeles. This category of discrimination may involve treating a worker unfavorably because of his or her sincere religious beliefs. The law protects traditional religious groups as well as groups that hold other religious beliefs. In some cases, the spouse of the religious individual is also discriminated against. This type of behavior is illegal and should be judged under the appropriate California laws. With the assistance of a Los Angeles religious discrimination attorney you can protect your legal rights.


Religious discrimination often takes place at work. It generally involves aspects regarding the hiring and employment process. Other issues such as firing, assigning tasks, promotions, training, compensation and benefits may also be affected as long as they are linked to religious discrimination.


Religious harassment generally occurs when a person is told to abandon his or her beliefs in order to perform some specific tasks at work. It also involves any negative comments regarding a coworker’s religion that may create a hostile work environment. The law does not prohibit teasing or isolated incidents that are not of a serious nature. However, when the discriminatory conduct persists and it creates an offensive atmosphere where the person that practices their religion feels threatened or if the individual being discriminated against was fired, demoted or withheld employment due to his or her beliefs; this person can seek legal protection. This type of harassment can come from the employer, a co-worker, or even a client.


Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 also protects workers in matters related to religious segregation. Offensive remarks regarding the employee’s religious beliefs are prohibited. Job segregation is also included. A good example is when workers are assigned a position where they do not have contact with clients or their co-workers based on their religious beliefs. Employers are required by law to provide reasonable accommodations to religious employees except when doing so will interfere with job performance. This means the employer will provide a flexible schedule as well as suitable assignments. The company’s policies also need to be modified in order to slightly accommodate the employee’s religious needs. The individual’s right to choose to participate or not in an activity that violates his or her beliefs should be respected.


Some religions require certain dress or grooming practices, which should be respected by employers. Employees have the right to leave for religious observances or have their work schedule changed due to a particular religious reason. Employers and employees will sit down and discuss these matters and if the employee is required more information, he or she should cooperate. Such religious accommodations should be granted unless doing so will cause undue hardship to the employer.


If you are experiencing religious discrimination at work, contact a Los Angeles religious discrimination attorney to help you file a complaint and gather all the necessary evidence to support your case.