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August 17, 2017 Rager & Yoon Wrongful Termination

This is not exactly the kind of greetings you want to hear from the lips of an angry boss, especially if you have been working for this particular company for quite a while. Although there are other worst things that could happen in life such as being diagnosed with cancer or perhaps being run over by a car, it’s still heartbreaking having your main source of income abruptly taken away from you. California is an “at will” state, which means you can be fired at any time for any legal reasons. It may be different if you are on a contract as contracts clearly state the reasons why the employer can or cannot fire you. If you have been wrongfully terminated in Los Angeles, it’s important you check your contract and hire a Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney to fight for your rights.

Employment At Will

Employees are employed at will in California. This means you can leave your job at any time for any reason and your employer can also fire you at any time. Some exceptions that may apply include:

  • Public sector workers
  • Employees protected by unions
  • Employees with contracts stating the causes for termination
  • When employers have done things that disqualify at-will laws

There are times when employers state in contracts or perhaps through word of mouth that the employee can only be terminated when there is a good cause. If this your case, you can’t be fired unless there were a few warnings or penalties imposed before.

Your Contract

While most contracts are in writing, there are also oral contracts recognized by the law. In other words, if your employer promised you certain rights but they were not written, chances are a valid oral contract was already established. If you are currently experiencing similar circumstances, it’s best you hire a Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney to help you prove the terms of the oral contract. Some things your attorney will take a look at include:

  • When the employer tells the employee he or she can’t get fired unless there is poor job performance.
  • If the employer promised the employee a career with the company.
  • Your employer had already told you how long you will be working in the company and established the terms of your employment.

Preserving Evidence

It’s important you write down the reasons why you think you were wrongfully terminated, including who was present when the terms were stated. Sometimes e-mails, texts or any type of communication with the employer can help support your case. You can also keep a journal of any reviews, pay raise, or comments by your employer. Details such as time and location are very helpful as they will prove a series of events that led to the wrongful termination. Your attorney can help you prove your termination had nothing to do with misconduct.

Protecting Your Rights In Los Angeles

There are instances when employees are fired or retaliated against due to protected characteristics such as race, age, gender, and so on. If this is you, you may have a case. Contact a Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney and find out the real reasons why you were terminated. Our initial consultation is free of charge.

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