Skin color discrimination explained

August 11, 2017 Rager & Yoon Discrimination

Race or color discrimination can be very hurtful to victims, especially in the workplace. Employees should not be treated differently by their coworkers or employers because of any characteristics linked to their race including skin color, hair texture, and so on. There are many federal as well as state laws that protect employees in such situations. Contact a Los Angeles racial discrimination attorney and claim your rights.

Although race and color are not exactly the same thing, they are intrinsically linked. Employment laws explicitly state that such discrimination is not tolerable in the workplace. Employees who marry people of a different race or nationality can’t be discriminated either. Although Title VII and FEHA have a specific section for race and color, they both still fall under the same category. Skin color discrimination is when someone is discriminated because of his or her skin color or any characteristics related to it. Even a coworker or employer of the same race or ethnic background can’t discriminate against you due to these characteristics.

One of the most common examples of skin discrimination is when someone is not offered a job, raise, or promotion due to his or her skin characteristics. If this position is offered to someone with lighter skin, it’s considered skin color discrimination because the employer rewards one employee more than the other based on protected characteristics.

How You Can File A Complaint

In the state of California, you can file a discrimination claim either with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC). If you work for a smaller company, you probably need to file your claim with the DFEH since they cover companies with up to 14 employees. The EEOC takes cases with larger companies having 15 employees or more.

It’s important you consult your attorney before filing your claim. Attorneys know how these initial steps work. These agencies have easier approaches than you may expect. They may even allow you to file a pre-complaint in an online platform or e-mail them the completed form. Your attorney can explain if the form was filed properly and if you meet all the required standards for filing a complaint. There may be deadlines you are not aware of together with other important legal issues. This process can be burdensome when you do it on your own. Call an attorney and find out more about how you can file your claim.

Hire Legal Representation

Having to deal with a discriminatory environment at work can be very difficult. These are the people you see every day, sometimes more often than your own family. Not getting along with your coworkers can be emotionally draining and also take a toll on your health. If you have been discriminated against because of your skin color, it’s never too late to seek legal representation from a Los Angeles racial discrimination attorney. It can be a challenging process but it’s worth taking the risk. Nobody deserves to work in such a discriminatory environment. Call us today and schedule your initial case evaluation with attorney Jeffrey Rager.

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