Most Common Sexual Harassment At Work

August 10, 2017 Admin Sexual Harassment

It is not that difficult to know what sexual harassment looks like but it may not be that evident at first. There are two general types of sexual harassment, which we are about to discuss in more detail. Whether a hostile work environment or quid pro quo, with Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney Jeffrey Rager you are in good hands and on the way to a successful case.

Hostile Work Environment

This is the less common scenario so we’d like to discuss it first. Although hostile work environments encompass a broader category of misconduct, it also includes sexual harassment. A typical scenario is when the environment at work becomes either offensive or intimidating. A hostile work environment linked to sexual harassment includes:

  • When a coworker makes unwelcome sexual remarks.
  • Receiving emails with sexually explicit messages.
  • Touching or calling a coworker repeatedly.
  • Requesting information about a coworker’s sexual life.

Quid Pro Quo Harassment

This is the so often dramatized version of sexual harassment. A typical scenario is when people in leadership threaten to fire an employee if he or she doesn’t provide sexual favors. There are many twists to the plot but it all comes down to enduring harassment otherwise you will lose your job. Some of the most common consequences these victims may suffer include:

  • When a manager requests sexual favors in an exchange for a promotion or other benefits.
  • When a manager or someone in leadership at work requests to meet with the employee outside of work.
  • A manager touches the employee in an unwelcome manner suggesting things can be better if the employee is friendlier.
  • A manager that reprimands an employee for confronting someone in leadership for harassing a co-worker.


Harassment is like a disease. It can’t always be prevented but there are some things employers can do to identify any situations that may lead to sexual harassment:

  • Training – Adequate training can help as employees are carefully instructed about the typical sexual harassment scenarios they may experience at work and how to avoid them. Employees should be reminded such an environment is not tolerable at work. Also, they should be encouraged to file a complaint whenever exposed to such circumstances.
  • Educating management – Employers should implement training sessions at least once a year to educate management about the dangers of using their authority to take advantage of employees through sexual harassment.
  • Monitor the workplace – If you are an employer, you must talk to your employees and make sure the work environment is safe and free from any type of harassment. Remember that’s illegal and if you don’t correct these issues you may be sued, as in most cases employers are responsible for such misconduct.
  • If an employee complains, make sure you investigate the issue and take appropriate action.

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If you or a loved one has been harassed at work it’s time you take action and seek the advice of an experienced Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney. You will never know if you have a case unless you ask. Call us and schedule your initial consultation free of charge.

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