Common Mistakes Sexual Harassment Victims Make

August 4, 2017 Admin Sexual Harassment

The statistics on sexual harassment in Los Angeles are quite alarming these days. About 30 % of women report experiencing unwelcome sexual advances at work. Unfortunately, over 80% of all incidents reported involving women. These women make some common mistakes, which we are about to discuss. Perhaps shedding some light on the subject will help you avoid unwanted situations and teach you what to do if they ever happen to you.

Tell Him To Stop

If you don’t do so you won’t have evidence to show the harassment was not welcomed. You simply tell the harasser to stop and explain this conduct is inappropriate and not acceptable. If you are afraid of how the harasser will react to your comments, you can write a letter or have a third party speak to him.

Documenting The Incident

Having a written account of everything that happened can help you. You just have to watch out for any violations of confidentiality at the workplace. Consulting a sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles should be the first step that way you do everything according to law. You may also write down any title or position change, performance reviews, etc. since you complained or filed a claim.

Timely Complaints

Whatever you do, don’t delay reporting the incident as it will make matters worse. Timely reports can save your life. If your employer has a good defense they may argue that they are not liable as the incident was not reported to HR. You should ask the Human Resources manager to advise you on the best course of action.

Follow Up With The Employer

When the employer finds out about the incident, some steps need to be taken in order to avoid similar things from occurring in the future. If the behavior doesn’t change, stricter disciplinary actions must take place. Your sexual harassment attorney in Los Angeles can find out if your employer didn’t do enough to correct the situation.

Mental Health

Victims of sexual harassment in Los Angeles can suffer from emotional trauma. Whether lower work performance, fatigue, stress, anxiety, or any other trauma, you need to seek professional health. It’s hard to deal with these issues but it’s possible. You can’t cope with so much alone.

Understand Your Rights

You may want to sue your employer but you need to understand your rights first. In California, employees can only sue if the harassment is linked to a protected status. Your employer can’t retaliate against you for filing a claim.

HR’s Word Can’t Determine If You Have A Case Or Not

Some employers have a mafia at work protecting their interests, which means the information you provide may be questioned and they may also come up with a different version of the incident. If you have been experiencing sexual harassment at work it’s best you contact an attorney to represent you and break the vicious cycle. Los Angeles sexual harassment attorney Jeffrey Rager has many years of experience dealing with cases like yours. You are in good hands. Not hiring an attorney early can work against you. The sooner you contact the more chances you have. Contact us today. Our first consultation is free. Common mistakes sexual harassment victims make Are you sexual harassment victims or want to avoid yourself from this? then you should read a few Common mistakes sexual harassment victims make.

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