On December 21, 2020, the Court of Appeal affirmed the trial verdict in Lave v. Charter Communications on a 3-0 vote.

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Category: Workplace Discrimination

Anti-Semitism In Higher Education

Discrimination and harassment in the workplace seem to be rampant in our society today. Companies are instituting measures to mitigate it. Employees are undergoing mandatory training to be more informed. Workplaces are employing more measures than ever to be diverse, inclusive, and non-discriminatory. But what happens if the diversity, equity, and inclusion program itself become […]
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What Does Title VII Cover?

The law is a complex body of material created to promote public safety. Rules and regulations often reflect what society believes. When there are laws rooted in discrimination, we have to fight to change them because those laws are outdated and no longer reflect what our society deems appropriate. Our Los Angeles workplace discrimination attorneys […]
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Sheriff’s Lieutenant Sues Country For Discrimination

Workplace discrimination is illegal, and employers who actively discriminate against their employees could find themselves in serious legal trouble. At Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, our qualified and experienced team is dedicated to helping victims of workplace discrimination secure the compensation they need. Here, our Los Angeles Workplace discrimination attorneys want to discuss a […]
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Workplace Discrimination is Not a Hoax

January 22 marked the beginning of a series of bizarre and emotional events that have left members of the public feeling outrage, sadness, confusion, betrayal, and more outrage surrounding the allegations of racist and homophobic conduct and Empire star, Jussie Smollett. As Los Angeles workplace discrimination attorneys know, people in our country face different types […]
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What Does Discrimination Look Like?

If you are searching for answers about what discrimination looks like then you are probably being discriminated against, or you are just trying to be extra cautious that you are acting in a civil way at work. But, more than likely you are feeling something eerie at work and you are searching for solutions. Following […]
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Discrimination Lawsuits: How To File A Claim?

In the state of California, employment discrimination is taken seriously. Workplace Discrimination is more than uncomfortable for the victim. Any form of discrimination is dehumanizing and can deeply affect your psychology which in turn affects your success at work. In 2018 there is no need to experience this kind of negativity in the workplace, yet […]
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