Should you Report Workplace Discrimination

May 18, 2018 Admin Workplace Discrimination

Often you deal with harassment and discrimination in a job for a long time to safeguard your financial wellbeing. The fear of losing your job or even worse treatment than what has happened will scare you from reporting this behavior to upper management. It can also be difficult if the person discriminating against you is your employer because you cannot report it to anyone.

Why Should You Report The Discrimination

In a lot of cases, if the person giving the discrimination thinks that the other person is not taking a stand for the treatment they are receiving, it is very possible that the behavior of the person causing discrimination will only continue to get worse and worse. The behavior needs to be reported because the employer cannot address this issue without knowledge of it. Another thing that you cannot do, is filing a wrongful termination case or a discrimination case if you have not reported it. This is because the manager or employer has the liability and the responsibility to make sure you are safe and secure in your environment physically and emotionally. If your employer does not know this then they cannot take the steps to correct the situation.

Is It Really Discrimination

While taking steps to correct the discrimination you are facing whether it is via comments or other behaviors, it can be something scary and daunting especially if this person is your superior. There is a fear around your superior and loss of a job as well as not wanting to seem wrong. When you think you are facing discrimination one of the most important things is not to jump the gun and to make 100 percent sure, that it is what you think it is. It could be that the person in question is having a bad couple of days and is just acting in a way you may think is discrimination, you need to make sure the behavior is constant and persistent. This is what California law classifies as discrimination.

How To Report Discrimination

It is crucial you report the discrimination to your human resources department, or perhaps even to a higher authority. The complaint must be in writing in order to prove you submitted it and it is a good idea that you keep a copy of any correspondence between you and human resources. You should make sure that you clearly document every incident that has occurred with times and dates if you can remember them. If there are any witnesses present at the time of events, then it is important that they are also noted so it is not your word against them.

If you have been faced with discrimination in your workplace and your employer has not made any efforts to correct this, or the discrimination was done by the employer themselves then workplace discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles are here to fight for your rights and get you justice that you are entitled to. If you need advice and help from a discrimination lawyer in Los Angeles call Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers at 310-527-6994

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