What Does Discrimination Look Like?

December 21, 2018 Admin Workplace Discrimination

If you are searching for answers about what discrimination looks like then you are probably being discriminated against, or you are just trying to be extra cautious that you are acting in a civil way at work. But, more than likely you are feeling something eerie at work and you are searching for solutions. Following your instincts is a perfectly natural way to start investigating your own work environment. If you feel as if something doesn’t really make sense then you may be on to something.

Workplace discrimination comes in many shapes and sizes. It doesn’t happen in any direct way all the time and it doesn’t matter what position you are in. In a way, discrimination does not discriminate based on your job position, how much you make, or who you know. As adults, we like to believe that discrimination doesn’t exist. We like to pretend that the behavior was left on the playground or court while we were in middle or high school.

We like to think that the “haters” in college never got a job or somehow ended up working in some backward bar in an isolated town so they can never bother anyone again. But alas, that is not true. We are all carrying stereotypes, misconceptions, discriminations, and poor judgments within us. These judgments remain unless we commit to self-reflective work to unlearn these thought processes. Unfortunately, even the best of us who work hard on being better people still fail. Even more unfortunate is that those people in college ended up getting great jobs and leadership positions. They are still carrying around that some ignorant thought process.

It is not your duty to fix or change their minds. It is not your responsibility to help people unlearn their discriminatory practices at your workplace. It is your job to protect your self. It is your job to exercise your right for a discriminatory free workplace. Our Workplace Discrimination Attorneys at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers in Pasadena have heard it all. We know that your ability to work is dependent on a respectful work environment. We know that your dreams of being at the top are dependent on positive recognition and that cannot happen if you are continuing to feel discriminated against.

Discrimination comes in the form of gender, racial, religious, disability, or sex. If you feel as if any of these categories apply to you then you need to start documenting all the situations that relate to the discrimination. This is important because our Pasadena workplace discrimination attorneys will need to evaluate your situation as well as affirm that what you are experiencing is in fact discrimination. Call 310-527-6994 or click here to schedule a free consultation. Our motto is “If they’ve turned their backs on you, I’m here to represent you”. And, we mean it. Don’t let your workplace discrimination prevent you from exercising your right. Let us support you through this time and get the respect you deserve.

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