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Although illegal and arguably unethical, work place discrimination cases are difficult to prove and fight alone. Numerous components of reasonable doubt are easy to raise in a defendant’s attempt to dismiss these primarily ‘circumstantial’ cases.
However, your viewing Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, which means you need an aggressive work place discrimination attorney in Pasadena. You’ve already taken action by contemplating bringing in an experienced law firm to aid in your battle against a discriminatory employer.
Find out why workplace discrimination cases need strong evidence to win.

Components of Successful Workplace Discrimination Suits

Federal and state laws strictly forbid any employer from engaging in, attempting to engage in or retaliating against employees who report discriminatory acts at work. Two widely cited sections of The Civil Rights Act of 1964, Titles VI and VII, prohibit employers from denying employment or advancement opportunities based on origin, skin color or race.
To prove allegations of workplace discrimination, Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers need only prove:

  • The claimant was legally employed at the company in question.
  • An act of discrimination occurred which directly affected employment, advancement, raises or retirement benefits.
  • A report was filed with human resources or a similar department to establish dialogue.
  • The report was not acted on properly enough, was denied its opportunity to be thoroughly investigated, or was otherwise discarded.
  • An injury to claimant’s employment, personal and financial life occurred resulting from employer negligence, or an employer’s complicity in another’s negligence.
  • In injuring the claimant, one or several California and/or Federal laws were broken.
  • The claimant is, by right, entitled to compensation under law for injuries sustained.

While the above components of successful workplace discrimination suits seem cut and dry, a veteran workplace discrimination attorney in Pasadena diligently fights elements of reasonable doubt.
However, we’re pretty adamant about presenting irrefutable facts which overshadow doubt, forcing many employers to settle on our terms to avoid an often lengthy and costly courtroom battle.
Before claims head to court, the EEOC must have a registered complaint on file. The EEOC will then either try to amicably resolve discrimination disputes between employer and employee, file suit on your behalf, or empower you to seek private action.

What Benefit Are Victims Entitled To?

Violations of California law and Titles VI and VIII may entitle you to:

  • Retaining or reinstating job lost, which may include promotion
  • Any work-related losses, including wages, commissions, bonuses and other financial relief deemed just and proper
  • Indirect benefits, known as injunctive relief. Judges or juries can force companies to amend policies to better protect employees from discriminatory acts.
  • Payment of attorney fees and expenses. As many of our cases are taken on contingency, attorney fees are shifting, meaning the burden of paying them ‘shifts’ to the offending party.

The exact level of benefits our clients are entitled to can be discussed with Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, a trustworthy workplace discrimination attorney in Pasadena dedicated to settling cases where employees were discriminated against.
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