Google Fires Software Engineer for Writing a Controversial Memo on Gender Equality

August 24, 2017 Admin Discrimination

Google has recently fired an employee who wrote a memo criticizing the company’s diversity policies. Apparently, portions of the memo written by software engineer James Damore violated Google’s code of conduct and promoted unhealthy gender stereotypes. It’s not sure yet whether Google will take action against the employee or not. Damore is already exploring his legal options. Wrongful termination can be very difficult to deal with on your own. You need the assistance of a Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney to determine the best course of action.

The Memo

James Damore titled his 10-page internal memo “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.” He argued the main reason for the lack of diversity in the tech field is gender differences. He explicitly stated that women are less capable software engineers than men. Also, he argued that Google’s diversity initiatives discriminated against those who are not of color or are not women. Some women in tech positions are underrepresented in Google basically due to gender differences, according to him. He also wrote that women could not handle stress from a demanding tech job and they are more inclined to social and artistic jobs. Damore doesn’t apologize for his views as he believes they are correct. In spite of the opposition, he continues to deal with the hostile media in the most friendly way possible. Damore went to work as usual even after his memo went viral. There were some personal threats and opposition by the media on the matter. Although he is open to discussion on Reddit, there are some questions about his claim that he will not answer.

Damore Is Facing Some Challenges

Damore was feeling isolated for his conservative views in a predominantly liberal environment. He tried joining forces with co-workers to improve the working environment. He was fired immediately after the memo was published. Damore believes the reasons why Google fired him are illegal. However, since he was an at-will employee it’s perfectly legal to fire him for violating Google’s code of conduct. There may be other motives behind the termination that may qualify as unlawful. But in order to prove that, he will need an experienced Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney by his side.

Key Evidence

In order to prove Google fired or disciplined conservatives, Damore needs key evidentiary support. He needs to prove that Google was not supportive of efforts to diversify the working environment. He may also need to prove that Google threatened to terminate or discipline him if he pursued legal actions against Google promotions, which seem to favor or disfavor some specific groups. It’s a tough task that will need a lot of qualified legal expertise.

Google’s Discrimination Against Women

It seems that Google is very open to cultural diversity. However, just like in any other technology firm, Google hasn’t hired or promoted women as they should. Female employees feel judged by Damore’s memo in an environment that’s already hostile towards women. Although the engineer is free to express himself just like any other employee, perhaps he went too far.

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