Divorced Dads are also Experiencing Discrimination in The Workplace

August 25, 2017 Admin Discrimination

Women are not the only ones facing discrimination at work. Many men also feel they are victims of such discriminatory acts. Women are generally given more flexibility and accommodations in the workplace than men, particularly pregnant women or women with small children. Single dads in similar situations are not given the same opportunities to take care of their children. There are still amazing dads out there who love to be involved in their children’s lives and they should not be discriminated against for taking time off to spend it with the children. Contact a Los Angeles marital status discrimination attorney if you are a divorced dad who feels you have not been treated fairly due to your marital status.

A Clear Message To Dads

Some dads feel they need to decide between their kids and career. Raising their children is not an acceptable excuse to take time off work. It is even more difficult for divorced dads, who besides being judged by society, and not having physical custody of the kids, may also have to deal with an unfriendly employer. It is just difficult for divorced dads to have the same respect women have. Although is true many women struggle to find a balance between work and family life, it is also true that dads struggling with the same issues are often ignored.

The Common Question

Many divorced dads who need to leave early to pick up the kids in school or attend a PTA meeting, are always faced with questions about the kids’ mom. It’s like if they don’t exist or perhaps being a dad makes them invisible. Dads are still essential in their children’s upbringing. Also, there are divorced dads who have full custody of their children because the mom is nowhere to be found. Why should dads miss important things happening in their children’s lives? It is very offensive and a form of workplace discrimination that should not happen.

What Is Marital Discrimination

This is when an employee is treated unfairly due to his or her marital preference. The law defends both women and men experiencing marital discrimination in the workplace. A marital status includes married, divorced, single, widowed, domestic partner, or any other marital category. Domestic partners can be any couples notwithstanding their sexual orientation. Discrimination is protected by the law when it happens in a public place such as the workplace, schools, clubs, and so on. To find out more about whether or not you have a good workplace discrimination case, you need to contact a local attorney and explore your legal options.

Claim Your Rights

If you are a divorced dad who feels your rights as an employee and single dad are not being respected, contact a Los Angeles marital status discrimination attorney Jeffrey Rager today and schedule your initial free case evaluation. Employment laws are very difficult to navigate on your own. There are specific laws that protect employees in many job discrimination scenarios.

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