Signs Your Workplace Has Become The Apocalypse

August 31, 2017 Admin Hostile Work Environment

This is the typical atmosphere you feel when you come into the office each morning. There is negativity in every corner and your boss’s greedy face is constantly staring at you. On top of all that, toxic co-workers are always picking a fight or too quiet observing your whereabouts. There are strict schedules and impossible deadlines. In spite of everything, everyone acts like nothing is happening. Perhaps it’s time you take a closer look at these indicators and avoid a long-term role in a company with these characteristics. Contact a hostile work environment attorney in Los Angeles if you feel your workplace is breeding a hostile work environment.

Lack Of Interaction

People should get along at work. After all, you probably see your coworkers more often than your own family. But what happens when everybody works in complete isolation? It’s a deadly atmosphere that kills teamwork and the overall success of the company. If you work in a place where people don’t talk to each other, run for your life. Communication is imperative to achieve great things in both personal and professional levels.

Impossible Deadlines

It is natural for employers to expect and demand more from their employees but not to the point of transforming the workplace into a sweatshop. You can always choose to ignore your boss’ unfriendly requests but this may not always be possible if you want to keep your job. If you are facing strict deadlines at work, it is important you talk to your boss and express your concerns. As long as you do your best work, you should not be afraid of how your employer may react.

Constructive Criticism

It is okay having feedback since this is an essential part of your job description. However, nobody should be insulting or mocking you. These things are resolved in a positive atmosphere. While some people may not know how to give constructive criticism, they should know when they are being disrespectful. If you have heard about other employees treated disrespectfully, chances are this hostile work environment has been tolerated for a while.


This is when your boss wants to be in control of everything. Of course, employees often need guidance but they should be allowed some space for growth. Sometimes it’s co-workers not trusting one another to do what’s required from them, which may lead to an aggressive and competitive environment.

How Much Is Enough

In order for your work environment to require legal action, it has to be pervasive enough to create a hostile atmosphere. It’s difficult to determine this on your own without the assistance of a Los Angeles hostile work environment attorney. Perhaps the environment was created by a variety of incidents and you need time to investigate the matter. These types of cases can be challenging but it’s possible to navigate them and ensure a successful outcome. Whatever your circumstances are, if comments at work have become vulgar and humiliating, and you are not treated with respect, contact us today and schedule your initial case evaluation.

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