There’s No Shame In Being Disabled

September 1, 2017 Admin Discrimination

Many people who live with disabilities struggle more with feelings of shame than with the actual disability. The problem with shame is that it involves guilt and feelings of humiliation. In other words, they feel small and insignificant. Unfortunately, some employers take advantage of this situation and discriminate against their disabled employees because they don’t have the physical or emotional strength to fight back. Contact a Los Angeles disability discrimination attorney to protect your rights.

Admitting You Are Disabled

This is the hardest part. Just remember that being disabled doesn’t mean you are not capable of anything else in life. There is always something you can do and feel proud of. Yes, there is a part of your body that may not be normal and it’s difficult to perform certain tasks or activities but embracing your disability may be the best thing you do for yourself. Attend therapy sessions, and find ways to adapt to your new routine and lifestyle.

Should You Include Your Disability On Your Resume

It’s not necessary or a requirement doing so. It may not increase your chances of getting a job therefore you should exclude it. However, when you have already scheduled an interview and you meet with the potential employer, you should be honest about your situation and explain that you still have the skills required for this job and will perform just as good as anyone else. Remember the law is always on your side. The Americans with Disabilities Acts states that you don’t have to talk about your disabilities when applying for a job and you should not be discriminated against for having them. If you have eminent disabilities such as speech impairment, problems with mobility, and so on, you may want to disclose them earlier on so your employer doesn’t feel surprised during the interview. If you are hired, become a team player from day one. Don’t isolate yourself as you may be creating your own hostile atmosphere.

Use Your Disability As A Strength Rather Than A Weakness

The best approach to focusing on your strengths is applying for jobs you are qualified for. In other words, a position that allows you to be the best you can be in spite of your limitations. Be open with your employer and with your coworkers. All barriers can be overcome if you are willing to overcome them. But you must be realistic and trace achievable goals. Having disabilities mean you are an overcomer and you have a unique perspective in life that will be a tremendous asset to any potential employer. Also, with readily available technologies you can work from anywhere, depending on your skills.

What About When You Have Children

You will be surprised at how children understand disabilities more than most adults. Remember they depend on adults for everything so seeing you depending on others is natural for them. However, as your children grow up, they will start asking questions about your disabilities and you must be ready to answer them.

The Workplace

This is where most battles take place. It all depends on your particular disability and supervisor’s character. You can always request the accommodations you need and keep communicating with your employer on a regular basis. Just make sure your accommodations are reasonable. However, if you feel you are being discriminated against due to your disabilities, reach out to Los Angeles disability discrimination attorney.

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