Coping with disabilities

June 29, 2017 Admin Discrimination

Being disabled is not exactly the kind of story anybody wish for. But life brings surprises and we must be prepared to face all circumstances, even the most unpleasant ones. Although there are many types of disabilities, the sooner you come to terms with your illness the better. But for some, the journey can be long and complicated, especially when the illness surprised you. You had a happy life with everything you wish for, and now that you became ill, your life is falling apart. Don’t allow your disability to destroy your life and your future. Contact a Los Angeles disability discrimination attorney if you are not treated well at work due to your disability.

Time Is Everything

It’s okay to mourn your past a bit because after all, life will never be the same. Just remember sometimes change can be a positive thing. Yes, you may lose some friends but the true ones will always stay. They will support you and help you embrace your new life. Just try to change your conversation topics. Your illness should not be the main topic of-of conversation. Add some variety to the menu and keep your friends interested in coming back to you. Just make sure your friends are being honest with you.

Think Positively

Negativity should not be on your friends’ list. Either you stay depressed or you spend all day complaining about how things could have been better if you didn’t do this or that. Studies show that even people suffering from cancer can live longer if they keep a positive attitude. This rule can apply to any illness or situation in life. Taking a more positive approach to life will help you and your loved ones live a joyful life in spite of your limitations.


Some illnesses can stop you from achieving your dreams but there are always new dreams. Also, dreams don’t have an expiration date. Go to a therapist and ask about positive ways to cope with this new chapter in your life. Life can be cruel but it’s up to you to find healing. Professionals have experience dealing with similar and worst cases than yours. They can tell you all about how people’s’ lives have been changed by simply adopting a new attitude.

Encourage Yourself

Nobody knows you as you do. You need to start treating yourself better. Although therapy can be very helpful, there are some negative thoughts that only you can control with the right techniques. Think about all your pain drowning at the bottom of the ocean but leave it there. Never pick it up again. Imagine it just disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle.

Time For A Change

You are missing out on a good future when you stay in your past. Whether through counseling, alternative therapies, or consulting with a Los Angeles disability discrimination attorney to bring those who point out your limitations to justice, it’s time for a change. You have a lot of potentials and deserve another chance in life.

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