The Gender Pay Gap – Truth or Myth?

July 28, 2017 Admin Discrimination

Some people think the gender pay gap is a myth created by greedy super feminist women who don’t have something better to do with their time. It’s easier to blame victims for speaking out instead of doing something to correct the issue. Women still have lots to catch up over the coming years. The gender pay gap is real and pays equality is a thing of the future. For now, you can only hope for better days and hire a  Los Angeles wage fraud attorney that will make your life easier.

The 79 Cents Theory

Women in our nation earn only 79 cents for every buck a guy makes. Although some people may argue that pregnancy is a huge factor for this gap, it’s still not a valid excuse. Unfortunately, there is still 30% of Americans who believe women should stay home taking care of the children. This common belief forces many women to make unwise choices in their lives. Taking care of the children is important but so is your career and the ability to be financially independent. Some have come as far as saying single women earn 95 cents for every dollar a man makes. It really doesn’t improve the situation as women deserve to get married and live a happy life just like everyone else.

Racial Discrimination

It’s a bit harder for black women who must face the not-so-friendly looks of some people at work. Hispanic women are also discriminated and they earn only 54% percent for every dollar men in similar positions earn. All colors and nationalities are beautiful and all women are also protected from ethnic or racial discrimination in the workplace. Now you have a case. Combine gender discrimination, racial discrimination, ethnic discrimination, and wage fraud. You are a winner!

Lower-Paying Jobs

Some may argue that women work in jobs that pay less such as teaching, nursing, etc. But even when women work in higher paying jobs they still earn less than men. Women that work in parks, for example, earn only 57% of what men in similar positions make. Also, when men work in jobs women love, they get paid more. This is not about career choice but rather employers making women feel miserable by not compensating them accordingly.

Hire A Los Angeles Wage Fraud Attorney

It’s not about statistics but rather logistics. If you have been discriminated against in the workplace or paid less because you are a woman, contact a Los Angeles wage fraud attorney or a Los Angeles gender discrimination attorney to help you figure out what to do next. It may be a long process but you must claim what’s yours. Besides monetary compensation, you will inspire  other women out there in similar situations stand for what’s right. It’s more than money. It’s the dignity and respect every human being deserves. The gender pay gap is not a myth, it’s the truth. It’s up to us to contribute to our new era for equality and human rights.

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