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Women and men have the right to work in a non-threatening, equal environment where advancement opportunities are given based on merit, not looks or ability to perform sexually.
Unfortunately, sexual harassment is way too prevalent in America. It has long existed in small to large corporations, and has bled into Hollywood and mass media. Women are standing up, men are living in denial and millions of young workers are growing defensive.
Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, home of an incredibly passionate sexual harassment attorney Pasadena sexual assault victims know and trust, can assist with all cases where unwarranted advances led to your dismissal. Or worse, has emotionally scarred you for life.

Tired Of Having More Questions Than Answers

Women spend thousands on college degrees, entering their chosen field with mounds of student loan debt. They think, “Wow, I’m thankful this corporation gave me the opportunity to use my education and grow.”
Unfortunately, an ulterior motive exists: employer unknowingly hired their next sexual assault victim, and they’re complicit to this activity because they know the perpetrators.
The EEOC conducted an extensive study on sexual harassment in 2016. They found:

  • Women in construction, because they’re seen as ‘interlopers’, are harassed more than others
  • Service-based employees where money is made off gratuity see an equally high amount of sexual assault and harassment
  • Low wage-earning women, who lack pushback power, experience high harassment rates
  • When women reported these incidents, 75% of employers retaliated
  • Roughly 60% of women who reported sexual harassment were victims of cruel jokes or coercion (cat calling, for one).

Women in unionized positions see less sexual harassment than those employers lacking a collective voice. These activities still happen at union shops, however, and far too often. A sexual harassment attorney Pasadena victims have called upon from Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers fights all employers regardless of size.
Since 2010, $697 million has been paid to sexual harassment victims nationwide. That number is growing each day, with our firm recovering a share of those funds for our aggrieved clients.

Sexual Harassment Is Not OK. We Fight For Victims

Victims of sexual harassment need their paychecks to cover child care, living expenses and to enjoy some semblance of prosperity in life. But many find themselves unemployed, homeless and depressed because retaliating against harassers came at a pretty stiff price: loss of work.
Sexual harassment, in and of itself, is never alright. It’s not normal, common, acceptable or a means to achieve career success.
We’re a collectively aggressive firm featuring a sexual harassment attorney Pasadena abuse victims call upon to fight in their corner. With contacts strategically placed around California, we’re able to hold employers, perpetrators of harassment – even both – accountable for creating a work environment based on fear, intimidation and sexual innuendos.
Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers takes cases of sexual harassment seriously. Because its both civilly and criminally punishable, we’ll examine all facts in your case to determine what direction we take. Our goal is always settling cases before dragging victims through court to face the people they’ve feared so long.
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