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The Pasadena Gender Discrimination Attorneys at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers have built prestige protecting the rights of clients like you. Our firm has represented women from different backgrounds in Pasadena and nearby areas. Our Gender Discrimination Attorneys can make the whole process easier. We are strategically positioned to meet your needs even in the most demanding cases.

Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination is common throughout our nation. Whether a male or female employee, employers are required by law to compensate their employees without considering their gender. When employers are confronted or sued for violating these laws, they should not decrease the wages of one employee to give it to the one paid less but rather compensate the employee paid less.
A common scenario of gender discrimination is when employees don’t hire women because they have small children yet men in similar situations are offered these positions. The main reason this happens is because women as mothers are often seen as the ones responsible for the children. This is considered discriminatory behavior,  especially when the employer hires more men than women.

Common Examples

Some companies may refuse to allow women work in environments that require heavy lifting. Likewise, there is the common believe that men are better in sales positions therefore women may not be offered these positions as much as men do. There are some positions that may require traveling, which are not offered to women, because they are expected to stay home with the children. Refusing to hire women is one of the most prevailing areas of gender discrimination throughout history.
Gender discrimination can also involve sexual harassment or unwanted sexual advances. Any physical or verbal  harassment  regarding the person’s sex or requests for sexual favors are also defined as gender discrimination. Even when the behavior is not sexual in nature as long as the comments are related to the gender, the victim may have a  gender discrimination case.

Are You Experiencing Gender Discrimination In Pasadena

Gender discrimination may not be that obvious. Perhaps you are frustrated because you are not offered the same opportunities as other men in similar positions at work. When you are discriminated against because of your gender, you should immediately consult a Pasadena gender discrimination attorney to help you figure out if you are truly a victim of gender discrimination or perhaps other employment law factors may be involved.
The Pasadena Gender Discrimination Attorneys at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers have represented many clients who have endured various categories of gender discrimination. We are rated among the most experienced attorneys in Pasadena due to our aggressive and compassionate approach. If you are working in an environment without opportunities for advancement due to your gender, you must ensure your rights are fully protected by seeking legal representation. Call us today to set up an appointment with one of our experienced attorneys.

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