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On behalf of The Rager Law Firm posted on September 15, 2017

It seems that Wells Fargo is facing a lot of lawsuits these days. Former employees are very upset about the company’s illegal whereabouts. Two former regional presidents in California filed a recent lawsuit. They were fired back in March after the company’s sham account scheme. They knew about the unlawful practices and reported them. Sadly, individuals who promoted and encouraged these practices are still working for the company.

Wrong practices

The couple suing for wrongful termination claims that Wells Fargo already knew about what was happening and promoted these unlawful practices. In the lawsuit, they claim that one particular employee knew about the lawsuit and encouraged these illegal activities. One of the unlawful activities included making sham accounts and transferring funds from other accounts in order to make them look legit.

The lawsuit

It is not clear yet how the lawsuit will develop in the coming months yet the allegations seem very distressing. It is lawful for employees to report illegal activity at work and whistleblower laws protect them. Also, someone been fired under these circumstances is entitled to file a lawsuit against the employer for wrongful termination. Employers like Wells Fargo should be held responsible for their actions. An experienced Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney can help you bring a wrongful termination action.

At-will employment

California is an “at will” state, which means your employer can fire anytime for any reason unless it constitutes an unlawful reason such as discrimination based on protected characteristics. Also, if you have a contract with your employer, the employer has to respect and follow the terms in the contract. If you are under a contract, the employer needs to comply with the provisions in the contract. Some contracts may list reasons why you can be terminated. Your employer can’t let you go for any reason other than the ones included in your contract. Your Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney can work with you and decide if the reason for your termination is illegal.


There are times when an employee is terminated due to performance problems. In these cases, the employer needs to find out if there are other employees who have received the same treatment. Furthermore, your attorney will also gather evidence that proves you were mistreated or discriminated against based on a protected status such as race, age, disability, and so on.

Some considerations

Your attorney will also assess your loses and you may be able to recover damages such as lost income, lost benefits, emotional distress, and exemplary damages. Exemplary or punitive damages are the damages awarded for the reckless conduct of the party at fault. If you believe you have been fired for the wrong reasons, seek legal guidance immediately . This process can be complex requiring expert advice. Your wrongful termination lawsuit may be as large as Wells Fargo’s but is equally important to you and other employees under the same circumstances. Call us today and schedule your initial case evaluation.

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