Wrongful Termination May Badly Affect Your Work History (And Make You Un-Hirable)

November 17, 2017 Admin Wrongful Termination

As a reputable law firm, we often get asked if pursuing a wrongful termination case automatically makes you look like a troublemaker for other employers and ruins your work history.

And the answer is, “kind of.” You see, a wrongful termination lawsuit goes public the second you file it against your former employer. And unless you’re suing an employer over meaningless or bizarre reasons, your work history will most likely not be ruined (and you will be fairly considered for future employment).

But since wrongful termination cases can be quite complex, you require the legal advice of a wrongful termination attorney Los Angeles who would take a look at your particular situation and determine whether or not you have a case (and solid chances of winning it).

Wrongful Termination Cases May Destroy Your Work History (And Make You Un-Hirable)

If you’re concerned about your reputation and the effect on your work history, it’s imperative to approach a wrongful termination case carefully.

Only an experienced wrongful termination attorney can offer you an unbiased, professional opinion about whether or not your case is winnable in court or can be settled.

Here at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, our wrongful termination lawyers explain that every wrongful termination case can have adverse effects on your work history and lower your chances of future employment, as such cases can paint you as a troublemaker and opportunist.

And since all employment lawsuits become public records – and considering that in many industries most companies communicate with one another – if you sue your past employer for nothing, and even worse, if you lose the case, your future potential employers may opt out of hiring you just because they wouldn’t want to become victims of similar, baseless lawsuits in the long run.

And it makes sense, as no employer in his right mind would want to hire a time bomb that would damage his company’s reputation with unnecessary lawsuits. Thus, employers may be reluctant to hire employees who have pursued wrongful termination cases against their former employers in the past.

How To Avoid Bad Work History After Wrongful Termination

But in no way does it mean you should just come to terms with being wrongfully terminated and put up with the fact that you were fired based on your:

1. Age

2. Religion

3. Race, ethnicity or national origin

4. Disability

5. Medical conditions (HIV, AIDS, etc.)

6. Marital status

7. Sex, pregnancy or breastfeeding

8. Whistleblowing

9. Gender identity and expression

10. Sexual orientation

11. Failed sexual harassment or ended a romantic relationship.

This and many other termination reasons may amount to a wrongful termination lawsuit in Los Angeles, though it’s highly recommended to consult an experienced wrongful termination attorney to know if you should go forward with a lawsuit (and will be able to win it).

Believe it or not, wrongful termination lawsuits are booming in Los Angeles and elsewhere in California. In fact, a 2011 study showed that such lawsuits have skyrocketed by 260% in the past two decades in the state alone.

That’s why you should be strongly convinced that your wrongful termination lawsuit actually has a favorable outcome for you (instead of drying up in court and ruining your work history).

A Los Angeles wrongful termination attorney here at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers will evaluate your particular case for free during your initial consultation over the phone and determine whether or not your case amounts to wrongful termination. Call our Los Angeles offices at 310-527-6994 or fill out this contact form for a free case evaluation.

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