Wrongful Termination: When Doing the Right Thing Goes Wrong

June 29, 2018 Admin Wrongful Termination

Wrong Wrongful termination encompasses a variety of unlawful actions taken by an employer upon an employee, leading to them losing their job for unfair reasons. When an employer fires you for no good reason, or creates false reasons for the termination out of thin air, you may have the grounds to file a wrongful termination suit. People who report harassment or abuse in the workplace that they have experienced or witnessed as well as people who decide to be “whistleblowers” and report a company’s fraudulent or illegal practices may find themselves wrongfully terminated soon after the fact. These are the cases where an employee just trying to do the right thing ends up terribly wronged by their employer.

Reporting sexual harassment has led to more than one wrongful termination suit

Within the past month, multiple news stories have been published detailing wrongful termination suits filed after reports of workplace sexual harassment were made. In one case, a Florida woman who was formerly employed by the Tallahassee Housing Authority filed a wrongful termination suit, alleging that she was repeatedly harassed by a maintenance supervisor and subsequently fired from her job after less than seven months of employment. She said she reported the harassment to her supervisor, only to have her supervisor dismiss her claim—and then dismiss her from work.

In another case, a well-known and well-liked North Carolina eye doctor also had a wrongful termination suit filed against him over reports of sexual harassment—and he has agreed to pay a settlement of an unknown sum to the person who filed the suit. Not one, but two different workers reported sexual harassment from the doctor, and both of them filed wrongful termination suits, stating that the doctor would attempt to coerce them into sexual relationships with him shortly after hiring them.

Wrongful termination seems to be rampant, but can be difficult to prove

Wrongful termination can be challenging to prove, particularly in states that have “at-will employment.” At-will employment means that either the employee or the employer reserve the right to terminate the working relationship at any time and for any reason, as long as the reason does not go against any laws. However, discrimination is against the law, and being fired for reporting sexual assault in the workplace or being a whistleblower is grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit, even in an at-will state.

What to do if you believe you were wrongfully terminated

If you were wrongfully terminated after reporting an incident of sexual harassment in the workplace, the attorneys at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers can help. Document the circumstances surrounding your termination and file a report with the Department of Fair Employment and Housing or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, then contact an attorney who specializes in wrongful termination cases. The team at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers is comprised of the best wrongful termination Attorney in Los Angeles, and can help you bring your former employer to justice. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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