Wedding Bells Sometimes Mean Discrimination At Work

July 20, 2017 Admin Discrimination

Who is not happy with a wedding? The answer is simple but complicated. Besides your spouse’s exes, there may be someone else who would love to ruin the merrymaking. Yes, you will be spoiled with presents from coworkers and relatives you haven’t seen since your sweet sixteen but there is one person that’s not happy about the new you and that’s your boss or manager. But why is that? Being married means more responsibilities at home, more time off, pregnancy, a baby to support, and requesting a raise. If you decided to get married, don’t allow anyone to ruin your new happy life and contact a Los Angeles marital discrimination attorney.

A New Husband

Marital status discrimination is a reality for many married women. Some people in management assume that your husband will take care of you and you no longer need to work. As the cost of living rises, employers will run out of excuses for this type of behavior. Married women need to continue working. If you weren’t promoted, or you were fired due to your marital status changes, you should immediately seek legal representation from a Los Angeles marital discrimination attorney.

Filing A Claim

In order to file a claim against your employer you need to keep some things in mind:

  • Prove your marital status.
  • That your job performance is great.
  • If you have not been promoted or hired for a new position, prove that your marital status is the reason for such hostile reactions.
  • That you were discriminated against due to your marital status.
  • Other employees in similar situations were not treated this way.

Even when husband and wife work in the same place, this is not a legal reason in California to fire an employee. It’s okay for coworkers to get married and have a family just like everyone else.

Some Exceptions That May Apply

There are some circumstances that allow employers asking about an applicant’s or current employee’s marital status:

  • Asking the employer about any other name he or she may have used in the past.
  • The employer may refuse to allow a spouse to supervise his or her new bride for obvious reasons.
  • Employers are allowed to use health plans with fewer or more benefits.

Consult With An Attorney

There comes a time when you have to put a stop to all the wrong things in your life. If you have been discriminated against at work due to your marital status, a Los Angeles marital discrimination attorney can protect your rights. You don’t deserve to be treated this way. You deserve more. You deserve to be happy and move forward in your career, even after being wed. Today is the day to claim all the opportunities you have been denied since you got married. Navigating employment discrimination cases can be very difficult on your own. Contact us and schedule your initial case evaluation with a Los Angeles marital discrimination attorney. You can win if you choose to win.

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