Common Retaliation At Work

July 14, 2017 Admin Retaliation

If you are one of those people facing a hostile work environment because you simply spoke up about some illegal activities at work, you are not alone. These are protected activities and you should not be retaliated against for doing so. Sometimes the comportment is subtle but as hurtful as any other type of discriminatory behaviour. Seek the advice of a Los Angeles retaliation attorney. Although friction at work is inevitably, a hostile work environment should stop.

What Is Retaliation

This is when the company you work for takes action against you because you complained about discrimination occurring at work. Your employer fire you, discipline you, pay you less or give you a bad review. You need to find protection in such workplace scenarios. The person who complained as well as anybody else retaliated against for participating in the investigation, can find protection in such circumstances.

When You Are Not Part Of Workplace Activities

Excluding an employee from the workplace, activities are not legal. It’s a form of retaliation and you should find protection against such. Perhaps your manager excludes you from meetings and important decisions at work or if you protected a coworker from harassment only to soon find out you are no longer part of the team. If this happens to you, make sure you find protection from a Los Angeles retaliation attorney.

Verbal Abuse

This is a more subtle type of discrimination. When an employee files a claim against someone in management because they are verbally abused, this person doesn’t have the legal right to retaliate against you. Sometimes coworkers are the ones creating a verbally abusive environment. When employers do nothing about this type of environment, they are held responsible for the retaliation.

You Don’t Exist

If you are planning on filing a retaliation claim, don’t share this information with anyone. Some coworkers may give you the cold shoulder. For example, when you file a claim against the CEO who everyone loves and you share this information with someone, chances are the CEO will find out about it and take action against you. Also, you will not be part of the social atmosphere any longer. Happy Fridays will not be happy any longer. When you feel uncomfortable at work is hard to pretend everything is alright but you must try if you want to ensure the successful outcome of your case.

Retaliation By A Former Employer

If you already left your job but your former employer keeps retaliating against you, talk to an attorney. This supervisor obviously doesn’t like you because you uncovered his or her dirty secrets. This still constitutes workplace retaliation as he or she is interfering with your attempt to find a new job.
There is only so much you can do when experiencing retaliation at work. There are laws out there meant to protect you but you will never find out about them unless you consult a Los Angeles retaliation attorney who understands your rights

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