Religious Discrimination Increasing In The Workplace

July 13, 2017 Admin Discrimination

There seems to be a rise in religious discrimination at work in recent years. It’s a good thing as more religious workers are learning about their rights. There are around 4,000 religious discrimination claims being filed each year and this percentage keeps increasing. Muslims are a huge percentage of employees discriminated in the workplace for their religious beliefs but there are also other religious groups who filed similar complaints. If you have been discriminated at work perhaps for wearing a head covering or asking permission to observe a religious holiday, it’s time you contact a Los Angeles religious discrimination attorney and protect your rights.

Taking Time Off

This is one of the most common causes of religious discrimination. It creates a hostile work environment. Employees seeking religious accommodations may slow down production and make employers a bit uncomfortable. Remember employers always think in numbers. There are only a few who care about the well-being of their employees and how it can impact the quality of their work.

The Problem With Muslim Women

Muslim women wearing scarves or any other head covering are particularly facing a lot of discrimination. Employers think this is uninviting to both old and new clients. They say wearing a head covering is a way to proselytize. While some religious workers may try to proselytize, most of them are actually working quietly without interfering in anybody’s business.

Diversity In The Workplace

This is another leading cause of religious conflict at work. As people from different religious backgrounds join the workforce, more conflict will arise. People talk about their experiences, including religious beliefs. While it’s the most natural thing to do, it can also make some employees a bit uncomfortable as they may not share the same faith or religious values.

Discrimination Laws

Employers in the United States are required by law to accommodate their employees’ religious beliefs. When reasonable accommodations are not provided, employers face religious discrimination claims for violating these protective laws. Even if the employer doesn’t support their employees’ religious beliefs, or these beliefs are not part of an established religious group, employees can still receive protection under these laws.

Religious Accommodations

There are some common requests for religious accommodations:

  • Requesting time off to observe a religious holiday or to attend a religious service.
  • When an employee requests a different dress code than the one already established.
  • Requesting to not perform some duties at work that may conflict with religious beliefs.

Reasonable Accommodations

When accommodations place an undue hardship on the employer, the employer is permitted by law to not provide them. This means accommodating the employee’s religious beliefs will cost them something. Some employers argue that having certain physical appearances can damage their public or brand image.

Statistics Speak And So Can You

Unfortunately, almost 40% of American workers have experienced religious discrimination at some point in their lives. Don’t become part of the statistics. Speak out before it’s too late. Other workers out there may be inspired by your courage. A Los Angeles religious discrimination attorney will guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

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