Overtime Can Affect Performance

July 7, 2017 Rager & Yoon Overtime Violations

As businesses grow employers tend to expect more from their employees without compensating them accordingly. Besides being illegal, studies have shown that over time can greatly affect performance at work. That’s right, greed has its consequences. Employees are dissatisfied, there is less teamwork, and the employer can be sued for overtime violations. If you are one of those employees who have worked overtime and was not paid your wages, contact our Los Angeles overtime violations attorney and find out how we can help you receive full compensation for all the extra hours you poured into your job assignments.

Too Much Overtime

Employees who work too many hours oftentimes have to forsake their families in order to make more money. Also, they don’t have an opportunity to relax and recharge their batteries, which may lead to health complications. Too much overtime will eventually make you feel overworked and you will make more mistakes, have poor judgment, and produce less.

The Effects On Performance

Although the lack of performance at work is not always linked to overtime, many times over time is actually the cause of feeling overworked. When employees are tired they produce less and their work has less quality. It’s difficult to focus when you are tired and concerned about your family left home alone. People have families and interests outside of work, which are great motivators for a good performance at work. However, when they see that they are not compensated for their extra efforts and they are neglecting their loved ones, they become frustrated and don’t care much about giving their best.

Bad For Your Health

Studies done by Harvard have proven that overtime is bad for your health. It can increase heart problems. It can also cause depression, psychological distress, and sleeping disorders. These studies show that people who work too much generally type A personality, which means they are prone to competitive, aggressive, and time-conscious behavior. Furthermore, overtime can lead to sleep deprivation, which means a weakened immune system, high blood pressure, poor balance, mood changes, and more prone to accidents.

Addicted To Overtime

Overtime has become an addiction for some and like in any addiction, rehab may be needed. Just remember, all addictions start somewhere and they grow as you keep feeding them. If you stop feeding the monster, it will stop growing. But if you keep feeding this destructive lifestyle, it’ll definitely become a problem. You can also get addicted to a better lifestyle. It feels so good but it will cost you everything.

Los Angeles Overtime Violations Attorneys Can Help

Now that the science behind overtime has been explained, make sure you don’t overwork yourself and live life a little. Sometimes, overtime may be necessary to keep you financially stable but don’t overdue it. If you have not been paid for overtime work in Los Angeles, contact us today and schedule your initial consultation with one of our talented overtime violations attorneys.

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