The Signs of a Hostile Work Environment

August 24, 2018 Admin Hostile Work Environment

When you go to work each day you likely don’t expect to be involved in arguments with co-workers or superiors. Issues can arise out of the blue that leads to disagreements and sometimes full-blown arguments. But, most people can get past these issues and work for a brighter future. When this becomes a frequent issue, you might be working in a hostile environment. What is a hostile environment? It’s one in which the employees feel harassed by other employees or the management team. Our Pasadena hostile work environment attorney would like to present you with the signs of a hostile work environment in today’s post.

Poor Facilities

Even though poor facilities don’t usually look like harassment, they can still make employees feel as though they are working in a hostile environment. When a company does not provide its employees with adequate facilities it can lead to a hostile work environment. For example, employees forced to work in cramped spaces with poor lighting, poor ventilation, broken furniture and unsanitary conditions can cause a lot of health problems and other issues in the workplace.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is one of the most common signs of a hostile work environment. It can include anything involving sex, such as inappropriate touching of another employee or using sexual innuendos or other inappropriate languages in the workplace. Another example is employees sharing sexually inappropriate emails while on the job. When a superior asks for a sexual favor from a subordinate in order for that employee to receive a raise or promotion, this is the ultimate form of sexual harassment that leads to a hostile work environment.


A hostile work environment will include discrimination. Discrimination does not just happen at the hands of the management team to employees. It can also happen from worker to worker. Discrimination can be any form of language or behavior due to an employee’s race, gender, age, sexual preference, religion, ethnicity, disability, marital status or personal appearance. When an employee is discriminated against he or she will be denied of their rights at the workplace.


When an employee feels intimidated by a superior or a co-worker, this could lead to a hostile work environment. This includes verbal or physical threats for the loss of a job, demotion, or a change in salary. Physical violence is not uncommon in workplaces across California. Employees face violence, or the threat of violence often from their co-workers and even their superiors. A hostile work environment caused by intimidation can cause you to struggle with your confidence and self-esteem.

Always Bad Attitudes

When you go to work each day and a large portion of employees have bad attitudes, you are likely in a hostile work environment. This type of environment is full of people with sour looks on their faces, no smiles, and no hope for the future. The turnover rate at the company is likely very high and the employees have little to no enthusiasm for their jobs.

Do you think you are employed by a company that permits a hostile work environment? Contact a Pasadena hostile work environment attorney today to discuss your case. Call Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers at 310-527-6994 to schedule an appointment.

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