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Workplace bullying has existed since the 1960’s, evident because Congress signed the Civil Rights Act in 1964 which made discrimination – the most common form of bullying – illegal. Even with bright EEOC posters adorning breakrooms across the nation, employers and some employees find creating hostility within the workplace is too tempting not to try.
If you’ve endured workplace hostility, and would like a respectable hostile work environment attorney in Pasadena to view your case, Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers is available to take workplace hostility cases today.

Bullying, Regardless of Intention, Is Never Ok

Spending years on education and training, employees dedicated to their respective disciplines don’t sign up to get bullied, discriminated or isolated. But it happens, perhaps way too frequently.
The Workplace Bullying Institute, an organization that closely monitors and helps train workplaces to spot then eliminate workplace hostility, found in 2017 that:

  • Persons of Hispanic descent are bullied more than others
  • Roughly 60 million Americans feel the effects of workplace bullying
  • As a collective, 65% of those bullied are forced to find new jobs
  • Six out of ten bullied persons are women
  • 23% of employers, when made aware, assist the perpetrator
  • Out of every 100 employers, only 6 take immediate action against the bully

California passed AB 2053 in September of 2014. This Bill simply recognizes the need for workplace training, but does nothing to force employers to create healthier workplace conditions. So, when individuals are bullied, they hire Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, an expert hostile work environment attorney with knowledge of workplace laws and employee rights.

Standing Up for the Bullied When Employers Won’t

94% of employers are complicit to bullying activities, do nothing about reports of hostile treatment or punish victims. That’s an incredibly high percentage of workplaces nationwide allowing environments of hate speech, mental torture or job discrimination in general.
Hostile places of employment have no place in society, but they’re unfortunately some of our biggest employers worldwide. Sure, press releases and news reports carefully scripted by corporate PR executives will claim ‘they will look into it’. But it never happens, so bullying continues yet another day.
Whether victims feel reporting incidents to human resources will help or not, we suggest doing so to create a paper trail. Record these actions, if possible. Take ‘selfies’ with perpetrators so we can place faces with names. Do everything in your power to journalize incidents. Every little bit you do prior to hiring us can strengthen your case.
No part of workplace bullying is ‘acceptable’, ‘commonplace’ or part of ‘hazing activities’. Perpetrators of hostility may tell victims how bosses know about the activity and either accept it, or condone it; this is merely a scare tactic.
Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers has successfully defended tormented employees and whistleblowers.
Scared of losing career opportunities because reporting bullying activity will lead to bad work references? Threatened demotion if sexual favors weren’t given? This and many other hostile workplace activities are illegal, unethical and punishable.
Reach out to our hostile work environment attorney in Pasadena today. We offer an initial consultation with nothing upfront. If we take your case, we’ll work on contingency.

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