Sexual Harassment Is About Dominance

March 15, 2019 Admin Sexual Harassment

Three women accused a man of rape in Pasadena. It was found that this man was actually a serial rapist and sexual harasser. Because this situation happened at a bar or in someone’s home makes it feel different than the sexual harassment that happens in the workplace. But there are similarities between the people who commit these acts in bars and the workplace. The victims of the 51-year old man and victims of workplace harassment have one in thing in common: the harasser would show intimidation and dominance over the victim.

When someone is sexually harassing they are typically trying to show their dominance over another person. They are trying to get the other person to submit to their will. They will use pressure, jokes, and intimidation. Victims of these situations are just that, a victim. Sure, they could choose to walk away, but when your livelihood is on the line it is not as easy. For the 51-year old man in jail, he made women feel as if there was no other choice other than to have sex with them. The same kind of pressure and mentality can happen in the workplace.

Someone’s job is their life. It is their career and livelihood Imagine working with someone who sexually harasses you. If you deny the advances or make a scene they threaten retaliation? Would you lose everything? It is a hard decision, but one that shouldn’t be made with guilt or shame. Yet, if you talk to most victims and survivors of sexual harassment they will confess the amount of guilt and shame they deal with. Victims repeatedly state that due to shame they put the blame on themselves. There is a little inner voice that says you were the one that laughed, you must of lead him or her on. The little voice also believes that no one is going to believe you and you are going to lose your job, your references, and everything you worked for will be gone all because you felt a little uncomfortable.

Our Pasadena sexual harassment attorneys at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers have a very different view of your situation. We and the EEOC believe that people who sexually harass are dangerous in the workplace. They are like a virus that infests workplaces and makes them intolerable. People who act in that kind of way will more than likely make good employees leave and the business ultimately suffers. Choosing to pretend that everything is okay if you just make yourself look smaller is not healthy for you or the work environment.

What To Do

We understand the sensitivity of this situation. We know you have a lot at stake and there is a risk that some will not believe you no matter how much evidence. However, the truth remains, you must do what you can to protect your self and along the way you are protecting others. Our sexual harassments attorneys in Pasadena at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers are ready to be brave with you. We know that your life is on the line and we are ready to represent you. Call 310-527-6994 or click here to speak with our professional staff today.

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