Hostile Work Environment Is No Joke

March 9, 2019 Admin Hostile Work Environment

A Hostile Work Environment is more than just bad jokes and bad attitudes. People tend to use the phrase “hostile work environment” too loosely. Someone can eat something that smells terrible to someone else and they will joke that it created a hostile work environment. The truth is, when you are really dealing with a hostile work environment you may wish all you were dealing with is bad smelling food.

What is a Hostile Work Environment

The subject of a hostile work environment is treated very seriously. For example, a hostile work environment is where there is a pervasive culture of sexual harassment. This means that men and women are being sexually harassed and the workplace does not take adequate steps to prevent this kind of behavior. As you can imagine, if you are working in an environment where you are having to defend your body it does not give you time to really focus and commit yourself to your job.

Hostile Work Environments In Our Government

Not too long ago a civil case of the hostile work environment was brought against a pair of Riverside County Agencies. Of the two, the main agency that was guilty of such a circumstance was the Waste Management Department. During the trial, jurors listened to how management spoke to men and women of color on their team. There was evidence of superiors using lewd and racial language. There was evidence that the superiors would act harshly toward a particular group of workers such as harsh performance reviews, excluding documentation from their files that support their good work, displaying pervasive bullying, and using intimidation to keep the particular group of people in certain positions.

Unfortunately, there was so much evidence that the jurors were able to believe in the hostile work environment and sided with the workers. Clearly, the workplace environment was fueled with racial bigotry. That is what caused a hostile work environment. Unfortunate, it could not be eradicated within the workplace because it was the superiors who were showcasing the awful behaviors. So what do you do if you know that you are being discriminated against and it is turning your workplace into a hostile environment? You call or click here to start a conversation with our Hostile Work Environment Attorneys in Riverside at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers Today.

The definition of a hostile work environment is when a type of harassment occurs based upon your race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, or genitive information. The harassment becomes unlawful when the offensive behavior becomes a condition of the workplace and the behavior is so pervasive that a reasonable person would see it as hostile, intimidating, or abusive. Our Hostile Work Environment Attorneys in Riverside at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers has worked with many clients in various situations. We know the courage it takes to come forward as we have served many clients who have been brave enough to share. Call 310-527-6994 or click here to speak with our professional staff today.

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