The Effects of Rude Behaviour on a Wrongful Termination Case

May 25, 2018 Admin Wrongful Termination

It happens to all of us, we’re all human and can pick up on people’s vibes. If you are noticing by your boss’s actions and reactions that you are being discriminated against due to race, sex, or age during your time of employment it is important to keep your cool. Sometimes reporting this discrimination can make it worse as your employer may then have even worse animosity against you for the aggravation and consequences that are caused to them.

When it starts becoming apparent that your employment termination is impending the temptation to do something rash and drastic towards your boss is very high. However, to do this would then result in your wrongful termination case being even harder as your boss will argue that the reason for termination of employment was misconduct to a senior.

The Repercussions Of Rudeness To Your Boss And Your Court Case

When the case does go to court it will make your case even harder to prove as you will then need to prove that your reaction to your boss was due to the discrimination as was your termination of employment. You may have proof in this case treated in the same manner as you to back up your claim for discrimination and to prove what you are saying is true. However, the task to prove this after rudeness to your boss is still difficult. Also, it may be difficult to get another colleague to come forward due to the impact it could have on their employment.

What Can Be Considered As Rudeness To Your Boss

There are multiple reactions that can be classified as rudeness, a few of them are the following:

  • Disobeying orders
  • Communicating in an angry manner either by writing or by voice for example leaving a nasty voicemail.
  • Badmouthing your employer to other employees.

It seems at times that sometimes your behavior is justified because of the way your employer is making you feel and that you want to give it back. It is even more tempting to do it if there has been discrimination that has been ongoing for a long time. It is imperative that you fight these urges as it can really affect your case negatively and give your employers lawyer a bigger set of tools to use in court. It is also just as important that when you can sense a wrongful termination coming you consult a wrongful termination lawyer to be armed with your options. This will help you be prepared for all the steps you will then have to take.

If you have been faced with wrongful termination by your employer and you have faced financial loss due to this as well as any emotional distress, wrongful termination lawyers in Pasadena are here to fight for your rights and get you the justice that you are entitled to. If you need advice and help from a wrongful termination lawyer in Pasadena call Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers at 310-527-6994 for a free consultation.

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