Coping with disabilities

Being disabled is not exactly the kind of story anybody wish for. But life brings surprises and we must be prepared to face all circumstances, even the most unpleasant ones. Although there are many types of disabilities, the sooner you come to terms with your illness the better. But for some, the journey can be […]
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So Overtimed Without a Dime

If you are one of those workaholics who spend long hours at the office yet you are not fully compensated for it, it’s time you take action. While being the bright star at work may feel like a rewarding experience, it’ll take so much from you without giving anything back. In other words, work hard […]
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More Women Opting Out Of Workforce In Los Angeles

The number of women leaving their jobs has significantly increased over the past years. Whether lifestyle factors or discrimination reasons, female labor participation needs a revival. Gender inequality still exists in the workplace. Although statistics clearly show that women are as educated as men, gender discrimination has limited job opportunities for many women in Los […]
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