3 Questions About Gender Pay Discrimination Answered by Equal Pay Act Violation Attorney

November 24, 2017 Admin Discrimination

Just like sexual harassment, which has drawn America’s attention in recent weeks, equal pay violations in the workplace is a wide-spread issue that must be addressed.

Millions of women in Pasadena and all other cities of California are treated differently than their male coworkers, and this is evident not only in the number of sexual advances made by male employers and coworkers but also in the wide gender pay gap all across the U.S.

Fact: Statistics show that women working full time in our country earn 80% of what men are paid. This is completely unacceptable for a society that prides itself as equal and fair-for-all, which is why our equal pay act violation attorneys here at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers place a high priority on helping women in Pasadena and all across California to take legal action and eliminate the deplorable gender pay gap in our country.

Gender pay discrimination questions answered

Every month, our equal pay act violation attorneys receive hundreds of calls from women employed in Pasadena and other cities in California, asking questions about equal pay act violations.

Today, our experienced employment attorneys at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers will address some of the most common questions about systematic equal pay violations in the workplace.

Q: “Is being paid a smaller salary or wage than your male coworkers the only evidence you can provide to sue the employer under the Equal Pay Act?”

A: Not at all. In fact, aside from providing evidence that your male coworkers employed in the same position earn more than you, you can also provide the following evidence in a gender pay discrimination claim:

  • Absence of female workers in leadership positions;
  • It’s easier for males to get a promotion / in the past six months, more men have been promoted than women;
  • Women in the workplace are not allowed to negotiate salary increases;
  • Learning that your male predecessor employed in the same position before you were earning a higher salary;
  • Male counterparts are offered more benefits than women.

If you hire an equal pay act violation attorney, you will be able to collect sufficient evidence of the above-mentioned and many other factors that amount to a gender pay discrimination claim and lawsuit.

Q:Can my employer retaliate against me for accusing him of gender pay discrimination or threatening to file a claim alleging equal pay violation?

A: Absolutely. Retaliation from employers who fear legal action for their unlawful and unfair practices in the workplace is not uncommon in Pasadena and other cities in California.

We can’t stress enough the importance of being legally represented by a Pasadena gender pay discrimination attorney who’d be documenting your every conversation with the employer and collecting evidence of unlawful practices in the workplace should you decide to file an equal pay act violation claim.

Under the Equal Pay Act, you may be entitled to compensatory damages and punitive damages if the employer retaliates against you for reporting the gender pay gap.

Q:How much will I get for winning a violation of the Equal Pay Act claim against my employer?

A: If you and your attorney prove a violation of the Equal Pay Act on the part of your employer, you will be entitled to recover the amount of underpayment of wages and liquidated damages. Under the Equal Pay Act, back pay is limited to two years for non-willful violations and three years for willful violations.

Separately, the employer may be fined up to $10,000 and maybe prosecuted criminally for violating the Equal Pay Act. Needless to say, the employer will hire a skilled gender pay discrimination attorney to defend him against legal troubles.

That’s why it’s vital to understand the importance of having a Pasadena equal pay act violation attorney of your own.

Here at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, we have an unparalleled track record of helping our clients prove violations of the Equal Pay Act and obtain compensation for other forms of gender discrimination in the workplace. Call our offices at 310-527-6994 or fill out this contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.

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