You Can Be A Good Person And Still Sexually Harass

March 23, 2019 Rager & Yoon Sexual Harassment

There are various kinds of sexual harassment. For example, women at concerts are constantly groped or touched. That is a form of sexual harassment because people are grabbing them without their consent. They are just trying to enjoy a show. Or, when women are walking down the street and men begin to catcall. This is a form of sexual harassment because women are being sexualized without consent too. The main difference between workplace sexual harassment and, for lack of better words, street sexual harassment is that in the workplace women are subjected to the same harasser and that harassment is typically contingent on her employment.

Our Riverside Sexual Harassment Attorneys at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers has represented a countless amount of clients who were subjected to sexual behavior or lewd comments while they worked. Imagine, coming to work every day knowing that you had to engage with someone who was knowingly fantasizing about you. Imagine trying to move forward in your career based on merit only to find out that your main obstacle isn’t the next project but how many hugs you give your boss? Do not stand for this kind of behavior. Your employer may have a positive public profile, but a snake is a snake and you do not deserve to be burdened in such away.

20 Year Sexual Harassment

It was discovered that over a 20-year span UC Riverside Vice-Chancellor, James Sandoval, had engaged in nonconsensual sexualized relationships with at least 4 women. The stories of the 4 women all sound very familiar. For example, Sandoval demanded full body hugs and if the women did not comply then they were met with punishment.

Other evidence included a relationship Sandoval described to his boss as consensual. It was a five-week relationship that involved kissing, hugging, and saying “I love you”. However, throughout the relationship, Sandoval always had the upper hand. He had the decision-making ability to fire her or to change her job responsibilities. When someone is in this kind of position of power, having a consensual relationship with a subordinate is difficult to prove. The woman responded that the relationship was obligatory and not consensual. Sandoval had a great reputation with over 4 decades of advocating for student rights on various campuses. He was a good man in a lot of people’s eyes. However, just because he was a good man at his job does not mean that he should be held accountable for his actions.

What To Do

In this time and era of #MeToo and #TimesUp, women should feel more empowered to speak up when they are being sexually harassed. Unfortunately, the legal system has not caught up with the social changes. There are still barriers to finding and telling the truth. Our Riverside Sexual Harassment Attorneys at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers are here to help you through this process. You should never feel guilty for speaking your truths. Call 310-527-6994 or click here for a free consultation with our professional staff at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers today.

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