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There’s simply no excuse employers can manufacture for sexually harassing females, males, or those who’ve changed genders. None. FEHA, California’s own tool for going after employers who allow unwarranted sexual advances, cat calling and similarly unethical treatment of employees to pervasively exist, is often referenced in cases Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers takes.
Any Riverside sexual harassment claims brought to our office receive immediate attention given their sensitive and often harrowing nature.

Enforcing Employer’s Workplace Obligations

Reasonable workplace accommodations must be made so sexual harassment and other forms of inappropriate behavior are curbed. These obligations include posting California FEHA posters, or making materials available to employees so a clear understanding that no such activity will be tolerated. If classes or videos are deemed appropriate, they should be made available. Finally, an employer must have some means of reporting violations that will prevent perpetrators from taking retaliatory action.
So, what if employers fail to comply? What can a Riverside sexual harassment attorney do for my situation?
Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers handles all sexual harassment claims arising from:

  • Retaliation for reporting sexual harassment, regardless if involved or witnessing activities
  • Employers requesting sexual favors in exchange for extra pay, benefits or gifts
  • Propositioning someone to act sexually, even in an unintentional or joking manner
  • Grabbing genitals or making other sexual signals, signs even showing pictures of sex acts
  • Threatening to act, or acting, in a manner that confines movement. This can bring both civil and criminal charges, depending on the extent of confinement or circumstances surrounding it
  • Not being hired because of refusal to perform oral copulation or similar physical acts
  • Intimidating victims into not discussing sexual acts performed on them unwillingly. Again, this could have criminal implications.

The damages available to victims depend on extent which they were harassed, if they were also disabled and other factors. Cases like this could easily reach seven or eight figures, or more if we’re bringing a class action against company or individual perpetrators.
An employer may try to belittle victims by saying, in court, that ‘she was able to work, so she obviously was not harassed’. While this defense can be raised, it’s often rebutted because many times sexual harassment victims are threatened to keep working or face unspeakable repercussions.

Hiring Us Gets Results

Complex employment and labor laws mean Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, our Riverside sexual harassment attorney and sometimes outside resources are necessary to build an irrefutably strong case of sexual wrongdoing at the workplace.
Before bringing us your claim, have you discussed your problems with an executive at your company? Trying to work any issues out internally may bring about changes, including getting individuals fired. If an executive has encroached on your personal space seeking sexual favors, perhaps there’s little recourse but coming directly to us.
Regardless where you start, document any communication efforts when possible. If witnesses are available to corroborate your story, include them in your formal complaint. The more evidence we have to work with, the stronger our case becomes.
Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers will have our Riverside sexual harassment attorney view your case, and all evidence, with no cost or obligation to move forward.

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