More Women Opting Out Of Workforce In Los Angeles

June 9, 2017 Admin Discrimination

The number of women leaving their jobs has significantly increased over the past years. Whether lifestyle factors or discrimination reasons, female labor participation needs a revival. Gender inequality still exists in the workplace. Although statistics clearly show that women are as educated as men, gender discrimination has limited job opportunities for many women in Los Angeles. If you have become the victim of gender discrimination at work, contact a Los Angeles gender discrimination attorney to protect your rights.

Lifestyle issues

This is one of the most common factors for women who leave the workforce. It’s difficult for women to take care of their families and work at the same time. Also, in most cases, the pay is not that great to still keep the job. When child care and transportation are subtracted from the paycheck, there is no much left to make ends meet.

Discrimination factors

Gender discrimination can come in many forms. From unequal pay, refusal to promote to getting rid of an employee because she is pregnant, these battles are real. Pregnancy discrimination is one of the most common factors. Each year, about 55 thousand women are forced to leave their jobs after giving birth. There are many stories of women whose work environment turned very hostile after childbirth.

There is also a pay gap between men and women in the state of California. Women earn around 43K while men earn as much as 50K. Racial discrimination also comes into the picture with Hispanic and Asian women at the top of the list. If women in California would earn as much as men do, they would have around $79 billion more in their pockets each year.

Educated women earning less than men

Why is that? The gender gap is still huge as women earn only 79% of men’s wages. It’s a big accomplishment, considering that women have been in the workforce for only a couple of centuries. However, there is still plenty of room for improvement. Female graduates are now earning eight thousand less than male graduates. The main reason is that men are assigned higher positions than women.

Gender discrimination at work

It all starts during the hiring process but it can also include decision making, compensation, promotions, and even termination. It may also escalate to sexual harassment. This type of discrimination doesn’t have to be sexual in nature. Inappropriate comments about a female employee being unsuitable for the job and employers excluding female workers from some positions it’s also part of gender or sexual discrimination.

How a Los Angeles discrimination attorney can help

Discrimination cases are difficult to prove since the employer may not be very obvious about discriminating an employee. These cases are often proven with specific evidence that only a well-versed Los Angeles discrimination attorney will be able to gather. If you have experienced gender discrimination at work, don’t hesitate to contact Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers today.

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