Is My Boss Yelling At Me A Hostile Work Environment?

June 16, 2017 Rager & Yoon Hostile Work Environment

Many people have dealt with a difficult boss or abusive management. This type of leadership can drain the employees’ energy and creativity. Nobody likes to work in a place that feels like a war zone. Although the word hostile can mean something different to everyone, the law is clear about what constitutes a hostile work environment. If you consider your work environment is not been pleasant lately and your boss is being overbearing, contact a Los Angeles hostile work environment attorney.

From Hostile To Futile

The law is very specific about what circumstances constitute an unfavorable work environment. Although yelling and screaming may be one of the things feeding the negative atmosphere, they are not unlawful when considered independently. Some factors that may create chaos at work and it may also be considered a hostile work environment include: When employees discriminated against fall under a protected category.
The behavior has reached unfortunate levels where the terms and conditions of employment have been modified to accommodate the abusive behavior.
Other employees have complained about the hostile work environment before but things continue the same.

When Discrimination Becomes A Pattern

In order for a work environment to qualify as hostile, there needs to be some discriminatory elements in it. Individuals discriminated against based on their color, age, gender, national origin, or any other protected characteristic, are protected by the law. If the boss or anyone in management criticizes a specific group of people, this will definitely constitute a hostile work environment.

Intolerable Work Environment

Working under some particular conditions may not constitute a hostile work environment. However, when the behavior affects the working conditions negatively, you may have a case. Isolated incidents may not qualify and will not be sufficient to prove that the working conditions are unbearable. There needs to be more than that, a series of unfortunate events and hostile behavior that continues affecting negatively the atmosphere at work.

Complaints Are Ignored

If you are experiencing a hostile work environment, you should first tell your boss. If the situation has not been corrected, then you can proceed with a lawsuit. Some employers don’t like confronting employees, especially those who fall under the senior category.

Seek An Attorney

If you work in a toxic work environment and wonder how you can protect your legal rights, consult with an experienced Los Angeles hostile work environment attorney about your options for litigation. If the employer knows what’s going on and have done nothing about correcting the situation, you may have a case. It’s important you contact an attorney as soon as possible to gather all the necessary harassment or discrimination evidence. Employers should be held liable for all the damage caused and compensate their employees for all their losses. Although all situations are different, an attorney will be able to determine who is at fault and file a claim on their behalf.

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