We Need to Talk About Religious Discrimination Statistics in US, Seriously

October 21, 2017 Admin Discrimination

A recent study revealed that 60% of Muslims living in the U.S. report religious discrimination.

While Muslims may be the primary targets due to the growing wave of hatred towards Muslim populations in the U.S., a person of any religious group can become the victim of religious discrimination in the workplace.

For a country that was founded on the belief that citizens should have the right to religious freedom, the rising trends in religious discrimination and intolerance in the workplace are unacceptable and deplorable.

There should be no place for religious discrimination in the workplace whether you work in Los Angeles or any other city of our country or anywhere in this world.

My name is Jeffrey Rager and I am a religious discrimination attorney who has won millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for my clients in over 50 cases of religious discrimination.

Here at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, we help victims of religious discrimination get compensation for being discriminated against in the workplace because of their religious beliefs and practices.

What Is Considered Religious Discrimination

Some people tend to think that there are many gray areas in religious discrimination legalese language. But in reality, it’s not true. According to federal law (Title VII of the Civil Rights Act) and California state law (The Fair Employment and Housing Act), religious discrimination is considered

  • when your boss treats you differently just because of your religious affiliation;
  • when your employer makes job decisions – hiring, demoting, firing, giving maternity leave, etc. – based on your religious beliefs;
  • when an employer refuses to hire you just because you don’t share the same religious beliefs as him/her;
  • when your boss doesn’t stop religious harassment and/or discrimination in the workplace, enabling your colleagues to freely harass and/or discriminate against you because of your religious affiliation;
  • when your employer refuses to accommodate your religious beliefs or practices in the workplace.

These and other discriminatory acts * against certain religious groups in the workplace are illegal and entitle you to take legal action to get compensation for your lost income, benefits, promotions and other damages and missed job opportunities.

* Consult our religious discrimination attorney to know if your particular case amounts to religious discrimination and enables you to pursue a claim against the employer.

Get Compensation For Religious Discrimination In The Workplace

Interestingly, statistics show that less than half of discrimination claimants are represented by attorneys at employment tribunals, which is why only a small percentage of religious discrimination lawsuits result in financial rewards.

While the average payout in religious discrimination complaints barely reaches $17,000, Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers has a proven record of helping our clients obtain up to $60,000 in compensation for religious discrimination in the workplace.

Our finest religious discrimination attorneys are based in Los Angeles and all across Southern California to provide you with the best legal representation and make those who you believe discriminated against you because of your religious affiliation pay for their illegal discriminatory actions.

Call our religious discrimination attorney at 310-527-6994 today to get a free initial consultation and find out what kind of evidence you require in order to file a religious discrimination complaint against your employer.

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