Training Alone Won’t Eliminate Sexual Harassment

February 23, 2018 Admin Sexual Harassment

While we have all known that sexual harassment in the workplace has been a serious problem for quite some time, new reports of high-profile cases seem to be constantly hitting the news at the moment. More women coming forward to report the unwelcome advances and inappropriate behavior they have experienced is, of course, a good thing, as silence about sexual harassment helps nobody but the aggressor. With sexual harassment training, awareness, and initiatives widely available, there’s no excuse for this behavior to continue but, for some reason, it’s showing no signs of dying off. According to some experts in the field, all the training in the world won’t eliminate sexual harassment, when so many aggressors are motivated by power, rather than being unaware that what they’re doing is wrong.

Two Hours Of Training Simply Isn’t Enough

Since 2005, all supervisors and executives working in California companies with more than 50 employees must be offered two hours of sexual harassment awareness training every other year. The content of this training is continually updated and, in its most recent form, includes gender identity, expression, and orientation. However, despite this training, reports of sexual harassment in Pasadena and areas of California have continued to increase.

2014 saw the largest recorded sexual harassment figures, with 441 complaints filed with the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Although 2017 statistics remained below this figure, they were up to when compared to 2016. According to the EEOC, a record amount of compensation relating to sexual harassment cases was paid out in 2017, where a total of $46.3 million was awarded.

So, why is the mandatory training now having a positive effect on sexual harassment statistics? Perhaps it’s down to the fact that many of those who commit sexual harassment offenses do so out of a feeling of power, despite being aware that their behavior is not appropriate or acceptable, or perhaps the mandatory training should be extended to all employees.

Whatever the reason, sexual harassment occurs far too frequently, with employees across certain industries seeming to be more at risk.

Tackling Sexual Harassment With A Pasadena Attorney

You are entitled to go to work without fear of sexual harassment or unwelcome sexual advances. Unfortunately, for many women, this isn’t the reality. There can be a fine line between a joke between friends and what constitutes sexual harassment, and it’s important for all concerned to recognize this. You don’t have to suffer in silence if innuendo, sexual comments, or sexual advances are commonplace at work.

A Pasadena sexual harassment attorney from Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers will handle your case with sensitivity, compassion, and a dogged determination to secure the compensation you deserve. You don’t need to fight this battle alone – your chances of success will be much improved with an experienced, knowledgeable sexual harassment attorney in your corner.

A free consultation will enable us to discuss your Pasadena sexual harassment claim, and how your attorney can help put an end to the behavior. Call us today at 310-527-6994.

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