Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Campus Targeted by Racist Vandals

April 21, 2018 Admin Discrimination

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has had more than its share of racist incidents recently, including one where a group of white fraternity members was photographed flashing gang signs while at least one was in blackface, and it appears that there may be more to come. After one professor at the college, Neal McDougall, expressed his support for the students experiencing discrimination, he arrived at his office one day to find racial slurs and fliers on the walls, while posters he had hung were slashed. With some of these fliers linking skin color to homicide and rape rates, amongst other blatantly inaccurate and discriminatory statements, it is clear that there are some students on campus not willing to embrace diversity. On a campus where the population is reportedly less than 55% white, this means that a lot of students are currently feeling unwelcome, and victims of discrimination.

According to MacDougall, police refused to attend the scene, telling him just to remove the fliers, and the university’s response was somewhat disappointing. However, a university spokesman has confirmed that such discriminatory behavior is not acceptable, and will result in possible expulsion and criminal charges, should the perpetrators be identified.

Race Discrimination In Pasadena

Unfortunately, for many of us, race discrimination is a regular occurrence, and something you may feel compelled to accept. At Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, our Pasadena race discrimination attorneys are passionate about combatting this behavior, and holding those responsible accountable for their actions. Generally, our attorneys will file race discrimination claims under FEHA, which specifically prohibits discrimination on the grounds of race and/or ethnic background.

If you have been the target of race discrimination, you will know that it can take many forms, none of which should be considered acceptable. For example, a Pasadena race discrimination attorney will have extensive experience in successfully handling cases relating to:

Promotion or a specific position denied due to an employee’s race or ethnicity Disrespectful or offensive comments directed towards a certain race An employee of a certain race being treated differently to colleagues Racial tensions leading to a hostile working environment Training, opportunities, and career advancement denied on the grounds of race or ethnic background Retaliatory behavior towards an employee who has complained or sued for racial discrimination Wrongful termination due to racial differences

When you are employed in Pasadena, or elsewhere in California, you are legally protected against these discriminatory behaviors, as well as any others you may be subjected to. If you feel that you have been adversely impacted by attitudes to your race or origin, a discrimination attorney could help you to hold your aggressors accountable.

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Regardless of how inconsequential you feel your race discrimination case is, it is not too small for us to handle. Conversely, your case will also not be too big for a Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers discrimination attorney to successfully litigate. To discuss your circumstances with an expert lawyer, call us today on 310-527-6994.

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