Strategies for Executives Facing Termination Due to Performance Issues

June 10, 2024 Admin Executive Termination

Facing termination due to performance issues can be a daunting and stressful experience, especially for executives who have dedicated years to their careers. As experienced Los Angeles executive termination attorneys, Rager & Yoon understand the complexities and high stakes involved in such situations. Here are some strategies to consider if you find yourself facing termination:

1. Understand Your Employment Agreement

  • Review Terms: Carefully review your employment contract or agreement. Pay attention to clauses related to termination, severance, non-compete agreements, and any performance benchmarks.
  • Seek Legal Advice: Consult a specialized attorney to interpret the terms and understand your rights and obligations.

2. Document Everything

  • Performance Reviews: Keep copies of all performance reviews, both positive and negative. This documentation can help demonstrate your track record and highlight discrepancies or biases.
  • Communication Records: Maintain records of all relevant communications with your employer, including emails and meeting notes. This can be crucial in disputing unfair or biased termination claims.

3. Negotiate Severance Packages

  • Fair Compensation: Ensure you receive a fair severance package. This may include extended salary, benefits, and outplacement services.
  • Legal Counsel: An experienced Los Angeles executive termination attorney can help negotiate terms and ensure your severance package reflects your contributions and tenure.

4. Challenge Unfair Termination

  • Evaluate Grounds: Determine if your termination is based on legitimate performance issues or if there are underlying factors such as discrimination or retaliation.
  • Legal Action: If you believe your termination is unjust, an attorney can help you file a wrongful termination claim and seek appropriate remedies.

5. Consider Reputation Management

  • Professional Reputation: Protecting your professional reputation is crucial. Consider seeking advice on managing public perception and maintaining your professional standing.
  • Non-Disparagement Clauses: Ensure that your severance agreement includes non-disparagement clauses to prevent the employer from making negative statements about you.

6. Plan Your Next Steps

  • Career Transition: Start planning your next career move. This might involve networking, updating your resume, or considering different career paths.
  • Professional Development: Engage in continuous learning and professional development to stay competitive in the job market.

7. Emotional Support

  • Counseling: Facing termination can be emotionally taxing. Seek support from friends, family, or professional counselors to navigate this challenging period.
  • Peer Support: Connect with peers or professional groups who may offer advice and support based on their experiences.


Terminations due to performance issues are challenging, but with the right strategies and legal support, you can navigate this difficult time effectively. At Rager & Yoon, our dedicated team of Los Angeles executive termination attorneys is here to provide the guidance and support you need to protect your rights and move forward confidently. Contact Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers at 310-527-6994 for personalized legal advice and support today.

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