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Kaiser Permanente employs more than 20,000 people. Unfortunately, there are many situations where they do not treat their workers well for various reasons. At Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, we have been successfully bringing claims against Kaiser Permanente for numerous employment actions, including:

If you feel like you have been terminated for an illegal reason, discriminated against, or harassed at work, you may have a legal claim. Kaiser Permanente’s employment practices are also used in other Kaiser entities, including:

  • Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
  • Kaiser Foundation Hospitals
  • Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG)
  • The Permanente Medical Group (TPMG)
  • The Permanente Federation, LLC

The Rager Law Firm has been representing workers from Kaiser Permanente and related entities for more than 20 years. As an Ontario wrongful termination attorney kaiser permanente
, Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers knows the tactics that they use to deal with employment claims and some of the best ways to get around them.

Wrongful Termination At Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente has a history of terminating employees for reasons that may not be entirely accurate. They occasionally use these “reasons” for termination as a pretext for the true reason that they want to terminate you. Potential reasons that you may have been provided may include things like:

  • Time card fraud
  • Failure to sign Last Chance Agreement
  • Health Connect violations
  • HIPAA compliance or privacy issues
  • Violation of performance improvement plans

Kaiser has a progressive disciplinary policy that must be used before an employee can be terminated in most circumstances. When they do not use this plan at all, or they skip steps that are a vital part of the program, then that may be grounds for a wrongful termination claim.
Kaiser’s employment policies are focused on saving the company money wherever they can, and that can mean that they take advantage of their workers or intentionally discriminate to save on costs. Don’t let this happen to you!

Applicable California Laws To Consider

Both federal law and the laws in Ontario, California protect workers in a variety of ways. There are also special protections for healthcare workers that might apply to your situation as well.
For example, the California Health and Safety Code Section 1278.5 encourages healthcare workers, including nurses and other members of medical staff to notify the government of suspected unsafe patient care and conditions. If a healthcare worker reports these conditions and Kaiser Permanente terminates your employment shortly after that, you may have a good claim for wrongful termination. Keep in mind, however, that Kaiser will almost never come out and say that they have ended your employment because of your report. They may “develop” another reason to fire you.
Terminating your employment is also not the only form of retaliation Kaiser Permanente may engage in. Other forms of retaliation may include (but are not necessarily limited to) the following:

  • Passing you over for promotions you have earned
  • Demoting you for reasons that do not appear to be justified
  • Disciplining you in a manner that seems excessive or unwarranted
  • Preventing you from participating in training programs or other programs/opportunities that would potentially benefit your career
  • Decreasing your pay
  • Decreasing your hours worked if you are paid by the hour

The law is on your side if, after reporting unsafe conditions or otherwise taking some action that may have potentially upset your employer, Kaiser Permanente has retaliated against you. That said, because Kaiser Permanente usually handles these types of matters via its own arbitration process, it is extremely important that you enlist the help of a Ontario wrongful termination attorney who specializes in cases involving Kaiser Permanente.

How An Ontario, California Kaiser Permanente Wrongful Termination Lawyer Can Help

Kaiser Permanente is a large corporation. When taking legal action against such an entity, it is extremely wise to hire a qualified professional to represent you.
The experts at our Ontario Kaiser Permanente law firm have a thorough understanding of the federal and state laws which may apply to your case. We also have years of experience representing victims of Kaiser Permanente’s unscrupulous actions and activities.
No ethical lawyer can promise a certain outcome when taking on a case. However, your odds of holding Kaiser Permanente accountable for violations of employment law will be much greater when you have an attorney on your side.
The specific manner in which our Ontario Kaiser Permanente lawyers will assist you can depend on multiple factors. That said, general benefits of hiring a lawyer include the following:

Knowing If You Have A Case

Employment law is complex. While you might suspect you have a case against Kaiser Permanente, you may also not be completely certain you have grounds to file a claim.
Reviewing your case with an attorney who handles Kaiser Permanente employment law cases like yours can help you better understand your options. We will review all the details you present to us carefully, offering an honest assessment of your chances of success.

Investigating Your Case

This is critical. You probably lack the expertise and resources necessary to thoroughly investigate your case and the circumstances surrounding it. This can significantly limit your odds of winning a case.
To return to a previous example, perhaps you were fired from a job with Kaiser Permanente. Maybe poor performance was given as a reason for your termination.
Perhaps this just does not sound true or accurate to you. You might know you have always been a reliable employee.
You might also know your employer was unhappy when you “blew the whistle” by contacting a regulatory agency because you noticed your employer was not abiding by certain regulations. It’s possible you were fired not because your performance had declined, but because you are being retaliated against.
Proving the reason Kaiser Permanente has given for your termination is not an accurate reflection of the facts and will likely require taking such investigatory steps as acquiring documentation showing your employer has a history of firing whistleblowers, gathering old performance reviews, and more.
We will handle all these tasks on your behalf. The team at our Ontario Kaiser Permanente firm is on hand to conduct a full investigation into your case. Additionally, we will keep you updated, gladly answering any questions you may have about your case’s progress.

Allowing You To Focus On Other Priorities

Seeing this type of case through to an ideal conclusion requires time and effort. Because you likely already have a busy life, you will benefit greatly from hiring an Ontario Kaiser Permanente lawyer. We will give your case the attention it deserves so that you can focus on other life priorities.

Get Help With Your Employment Claim Against Kaiser Permanente

In cases like these, having an Ontario Kaiser Permanente wrongful termination attorney is essential. Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers can help. Call or email today for more information or to schedule a case evaluation: 310-527-6994 or jeff@ragerlawoffices.com

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