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Although many will agree the landscape of healthcare is rapidly changing, the fact medical workers have rights should never be discredited. Major healthcare consortiums like Kaiser Permanente, with billions in assets and tens of thousands of employees nationwide, tend to forget employees are the backbone of their sustainability.
Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, an aggressive Pasadena healthcare law attorney dealing with employment-related issues in health care, has taken companies like Kaiser Permanente to trial numerous times because of unfair and often times deceitful employment practices. Whether it’s failing to pay housekeeping staff overtime, or not honoring FMLA, medical companies are held to the same standard as any other employer in California.

How Healthcare Companies Dupe Employees

Many healthcare employees spend years educating themselves, even working without pay to complete their studies. It’s unfortunate when we’re brought claims by some current and past employees of medical facilities because we know firsthand, as attorneys, the amount of time and effort put into taking classes and passing state licensing exams.
Medical workers have some of the most important jobs existing today, not because they’re difficult, but because saving lives takes passion and skill. Therefore, Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers puts the same amount of passion and skill into defending workers in healthcare-related fields who’ve been:

  • Wrongfully terminated, then have their pay withheld for an undisclosed period of time;
  • Duped into signing contracts that were suddenly altered;
  • Harassed for whatever reason was deemed fitting by the employer;
  • Terminated for failing to carry out direct orders that may detriment a patient’s health;
  • Chastised, or harassed, for being of a certain ethnic or religious affiliation;
  • Demoted for refusing to engage in inappropriate sexual behavior;
  • Harassed because of gender inequalities or other Civil Rights protected acts;
  • Dismissed from their jobs for unsavory peer reviews which were fraudulently manufactured by another doctor, nurse or healthcare worker.

Race, creed, color and disability-related terminations, demotions and harassments that don’t lead to termination are still against California employment laws. If you’re unsure whether or not your case qualifies for our healthcare law attorney to litigate, don’t hesitate to bring is your case for complete evaluation and determination of next steps.

Our Lawyers Fight For Fair Settlements

it’s definitely not easy to bring legal action against companies much larger than you, with much more powerful resources, unless you have competent counsel to help you navigate an oftentimes unstable judicial process. There are many forms to fill out, timely filings that must be prepared correctly, and motions which must be presented when the employer tries to dismiss or discredit your case.
With the Pasadena healthcare law attorney fighting by your side, a more favorable outcome could be realized. Our ability to negotiate with employers and their attorneys means we could settle your case before filing in state or federal court.
To get started on your case evaluation, contact Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers today. Your evaluation costs nothing, and our fees are fair given the amount of work and outside resources put into every case.

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