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We all depend on our jobs to pay bills and live a good quality of life. But your job is more than just a source of income. It is a major part of your lifestyle. Many people spend more hours at their workplace than with their families. But what happens when a person is fired due to discrimination, retaliation, or unethical business practices? It can bring devastating effects on their finances. Unfortunately, it happens far too often in Southern California. My name is Jeffrey Rager and I am a Wrongful Termination Attorney in Pasadena. Whether a person is living paycheck to paycheck or has been a reliable worker for several years with the same company, it is vital to seek immediate action for victims of wrongful termination to recover the compensation they deserve.
Most of the time, if an employee is fired, he or she is unable to determine if the termination was legal or illegal. Most places of employment are at will, which means an employee can be fired at any time for any reason or none at all just as long as it isn’t illegal. However, there are some important exceptions worth mentioning to the at-will rule.

Protecting The Rights Of Workers In Pasadena Against Wrongful Termination

Many employees feel powerless after losing their job. Because California is an “At will” state, many people never bring wrongful termination action against their former employer. It is important to understand there are laws designed to protect workers against wrongful termination based on any kind of discrimination, retaliation, or unlawful business practices. The best solution is to seek representation from an experienced legal professional with a track record of protecting the rights of each client and looking after their best interests. As a wrongful termination attorney in Pasadena, I have successfully represented countless men and women who have lost their jobs or have been forced to take demotions. Here is how the professionals at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers help.

  • Protect the rights of workers
  • Resolve employment disputes by providing skillful negotiation and legal counsel
  • Help clients navigate effectively through the legal process
  • Provide timely and accurate legal advice
  • Help clients obtain, complete, and file all necessary legal paperwork

There are many at-will employees who can be terminated for any reason unless they are part of a protected class or have unique circumstances. At will, employees cannot be fired because of their age, sex, race, religion, disability, serving on a jury, fulfilling military duties, or having a criminal conviction. In many cases, employers will not admit that they are terminating an employee because they are part of a protected class, so it is crucial to have an experienced and skilled attorney. Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers attorneys will investigate every detail of your claim to ensure you are not wrongfully terminated.
If you believe you were fired for discriminatory reasons, like race, color, national origin, gender, religion, age, etc. you need to talk to one of our attorneys at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers immediately. It is important to act fast because there are certain time limits and rules that apply to discrimination claims.
There are a few exceptions to the at-will employment status which are contracts and public policy exceptions.
Written promises, otherwise known as contracts, ensure job security and is enough reason to argue against the at-will rule. Sometimes there are contracts in place that state you can only be fired with good cause or for reasons mentioned in the contract. Other times, employees will receive an offer letter that promises continued employment. With contracts, employees might have legal recourse if they had an employment contract that was breached by their employer. There are certain rare occasions when an employer’s handbook might create contract rights, even when there is no express contract.
Implied promises are an agreement based on whatever the employer said or did. This is another exception to the at-will rule. This makes it very difficult to prove because employers tend to air on the side of caution to not make any promises of continued employment. Nevertheless, there have been implied contracts found where employers promised permanent employment.
Courts will examine numerous aspects to determine if an implied contract exists like:

  • Duration of the employment
  • Regularity of promotions
  • History of positive performance reviews
  • Assurances that you would have continued employment
  • Whether the employer violated a usual practice in firing such as neglecting to give a required warning
  • Whether or not promises of long term employment were made when you were terminated

Public policy exceptions prohibit employers from terminating employees if it violates important and established public policies. State and federal employees cannot be fired for making or refusing to make statements of public concern. It is also illegal to terminate an employee for pursuing workers’ or unemployment compensation, reporting safety violations, or for refusing to engage in or commit a crime.

Why You Need A Wrongful Termination Attorney

California employment law cases can often get complicated. Most workers are completely unaware of their rights and the laws designed to protect their freedoms against wrongful termination. Over the years, I have taken more than 40 cases to verdict and won millions in verdicts and settlements for my clients. Here at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, our goal is to place each client in the best position to succeed by helping them recover the compensation they deserve. I utilize an aggressive and comprehensive approach to help clients achieve their goals by getting the best possible result.

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If you or someone you know has lost their job due to illegal business practices by an employer do not continue to suffer in silence. It is important to take immediate action to recover the compensation you have rightfully earned. The first step is to contact the Pasadena employment attorneys at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers. During your free initial consultation, we will take the time to address your questions and concerns and properly examine your specific case. To learn more, contact our Pasadena law office today to schedule a visit.

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