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You may be exceedingly talented and the best in your field, but what would you do if an executive approached you at work one day and asked you falsify reports or other official documents? Say, for example, you were the financial professional with responsibility for safeguarding reports and records, and an earnings report was due to be announced, which you knew could have a negative impact on the company’s share price. If the executives asked you to amend the report, create a version which overestimates earnings, and send that one to the regulatory bodies, would you do it?
If you act according to your conscience, and the law, you are in the right, but your employer may be unimpressed at your law-abiding actions and fire you for refusing to help portray the business in a positive light. Of course, this is not allowed, and is generally abhorrent behavior, but would you know what to do next?
In short, what you should do if you are wrongfully fired for refusing to commit fraud or another violation of state or federal law, is contact an experienced Torrance wrongful termination attorney from Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers. We will use our extensive legal knowledge and expertise to hold your former employer accountable for their actions – both in terms of firing you for refusing to be complicit in their criminal activities, and for the actions themselves.
If you are ever tempted to comply with the executive’s requests, for the sake of stable employment and an easy life, remember it is never acceptable to commit fraud and, if you do comply, you will be equally accountable for your fraudulent behavior.

Fired For Refusing To Break The Law? Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers Attorneys Are Ready To Help You

Refusing to commit criminal activities, or cover up actions which may see you labeled an accomplice, are not grounds for termination. You may think that your employer would be aware of this, and chances are they are, but too many employers in and around Torrance continue to believe they can intimidate employees in this manner.
Some of the wrongful termination cases our Torrance attorneys have successfully handled have involved employees being terrified that failing to break the law on the behalf of their employer would lead them, and their families, open to being framed for crimes they did not commit. These employees had been ordered to either commit, or cover up, crimes as harrowing as child abuse, in addition to corporate fraud such as falsifying earnings reports, insider trading, and similar. In some cases, the employee was terminated for reporting these crimes.
Whatever the circumstances leading to your unlawful firing, a Torrance wrongful termination attorney will seek maximum compensation on your behalf.

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Whether your employer has directly terminated your employment after you refused to be complicit in their illegal behavior, or constructively dismissed you through making your working conditions so unbearable you felt forced to resign, a Torrance wrongful termination attorney could successfully represent you.
If you feel that you were wrongfully terminated due to your failure to comply with unreasonable demands, you deserve outstanding legal representation. To find out how our legal nous could be used to your advantage, call us today on 310-527-6994 for a free case evaluation.

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