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It is no secret that large corporations do not always act in the most law-abiding and commendable manner, you only have to read the news to know that. As if the behavior of these organizations was not bad enough in itself, it is compounded by the tendency to blame employees in the hopes that attention will be diverted from those who are truly responsible. Numerous fraudulent Ponzi schemes, fictitious reporting and other illegal corporate behaviors have come to light, and been prosecuted, due to the actions of one group of people – employee whistleblowers.
If you become aware of illegal activities in your workplace and do not report it, you could be at risk of being considered complicit. On the other hand, if you do become a whistleblower and carry out your legal duties, you may be subjected to retaliatory actions at work. If you have been a victim of harassment, wrongful termination, or other consequences of whistleblowing, a Torrance retaliation attorney from Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers could fight for your legal rights, whilst also recovering compensation and damages on your behalf.

Why Do Employers Retaliate Against Employees

Many of the cases handled by a retaliation attorney arise from one common factor – businesses that do not want to abide by their regulatory obligations. The places where we choose to eat, entertain, sleep, and work are each subject to regulations that must be followed. This can range from having one SERV Safe certified food handler in a restaurant, to OSHA compliance across a factory, or the requirement for ISO certification. Regulation can be expensive, which is anathema to many an unscrupulous business owner.
When an employee reports such behavior, and the substandard working environments which tend to exist in such organizations, they are met with retaliation, and concerted efforts to make their working lives a misery, most likely in the hope that they will resign and the issue will disappear.
Some of the cases successfully handled by a Torrance retaliation attorney including unsafe and unethical concerns such as:

  • Disciplinary action being taken against an employee who alerted EEOC about discriminatory recruitment and hiring practices
  • Removal of employee benefits, or docking pay, for an employee who alerted SEC investigators about potential insider trading
  • Negative performance evaluations being unfairly given to an employee who attempted to change unfair corporate policy
  • Wrongfully terminating, and providing poor references for, an employee who stood up for a colleague who was being bullied or discriminated against

These are just a tiny sample of the retaliation cases we have handled during our decades of experience – you would be shocked and astonished at the vast range of cases in our archives.

Let A Torrance Retaliation Attorney Hold Your Employer Accountable For Your Mistreatment

Where a business employs more than 15 people, or 20 in the case of age-related discrimination, Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers can hold them accountable for breaches of employment law. Our proven record of success makes us the logical choice for your retaliation claim
To enable a Torrance retaliation attorney to hold your employer accountable, while recovering compensation equal to lost pay, pain and suffering caused by your wrongful termination, schedule your initial consultation today by calling us on 310-527-6994.

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