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Another great thing about living, working and socializing in America is that our religious practices are protected rights. Problems with employers stemming from religious bigotry, termination due to affiliation and similar job dismissals are growing as quickly as sexual harassment cases at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers.
If you’ve been wrongfully terminated because of religious affirmations, a veteran Riverside religious discrimination attorney at our firm will look over your case and litigate as hard as legally allowable.

Understanding ‘Religious Freedom’ Under Federal Law

Both practicing religious persons, or those who choose to be agnostic or atheist, are protected under Constitutional law. Situations where employees work in openly Christian organizations but choose to be antireligious, for example, would be covered under Federal law.
Churches, which are generally nonprofit and fall loosely under separation of church and State mandates, can be complicated to litigate against. This becomes nearly impossible if both victim and perpetrator hold religious-based offices, such as pastor or deacon.
That’s not to say a religious discrimination lawyer from Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers won’t look over your case; we closely examine facts and laws pertaining to religious condemnation or discrimination at your tax-paying job.
Employers who repeatedly witness religious discrimination but fail to intervene may be complicit to discriminatory activities. In the case where Limited Liability Companies promote or are complicit to activities which detriment another’s right to practice religion may be held dually responsible – that is, both as company and individual – if courts allow suits to ‘pierce the veil’, or go through the legal shield over personal liability which LLC’s enjoy.
Some ironclad cases of religious discrimination we’d litigate include:

  • Employer angrily referring to a known Jewish individual in another context, making racially charged comments about Holocaust activities, or singling out an individual who says prayers during their lunch hour and making them ‘shut up or else’.
  • Calling known Muslim employees ‘towelheads’, ‘camel jockeys’ or similarly unnecessary words while blaming them for terrorist activities, or even accuse them of attempting to carry out terrorist activities solely because they’re Muslim. Another example may be ridiculing someone about practices during Ramadan or similar holidays.
  • Employer attacks a non-believing person for not praying or attending church, or makes open suggestions that they’ll never move up the corporate ladder if they ‘refuse to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior’.

Much like every claim brought to Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, each situation is unique both in circumstance and facts. A Riverside religious discrimination attorney can best determine liability, potential recourse and what next steps to take.

Your Rights To Religious Practice Are Protected

On behalf of our law firm, we’d like to again stress that you’re constitutionally protected whether you’re peacefully practicing whatever religion moves you, or not practicing anything. Workplace religious harassment is punishable by fines, damages, reinstatement of employment lost and whatever relief our courts deem proper.
Do not fear retaliation if an executive, HR person, supervisor or another employee is chastising you for being Muslim, Christian, Russian Orthodox, Hindu or any religion in between. We have extensive trial experience in protecting employees from religious hatred.
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