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Whatever religion you follow, whether that is the religion your parents brought you up in, one which you adopted later in life, or no religion at all, it is entirely your own business. Nobody has a right to demand you disclose your religion, much less make decisions about your employment based purely on the religion you choose. Religious bigotry is rife across California workplaces, even in this day and age, with countless employees finding themselves losing out on jobs, being denied pay increases, and being overlooked for promotion, purely due to their religion. In fact, the Torrance religious discrimination attorneys at Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers have seen religious discrimination case numbers grow as quickly as those relating to sexual harassment in the workplace.
If you have been discriminated against, or wrongfully terminated, due to your religious beliefs, or refusal to disclose your religious beliefs when requested, you could benefit from the legal expertise of a Torrance religious discrimination attorney.

What Does Federal Law Mean By “Religious Freedom”

You may be aware that all Americans are entitled to religious freedom under federal law, but do you understand what that actually means?
Religious freedom, in legal terms, means that you are free to practice any religion, or choose to be agnostic or atheist, and have this protected under federal law. This includes situations where a non-religious employee works within, for example, a Christian organisation. Despite the religious basis of the organisation, the employee is free to follow their own beliefs. The one area where a breach of religious freedom can be difficult to litigate against is where the breach occurred within a church, particularly where both victim and perpetrator hold religious office, such as deacon or pastor.
However, while a case like this may be complex, a Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers attorney will not shy away from a difficult case – rather, we will actively welcome the opportunity to handle a challenging case. A religious discrimination attorney will rigorously examine all aspects of your case, when you have been discriminated against in a tax-paying job.
Aside from holding your employer accountable for their discriminatory practices, a Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers attorney could pursue one who regularly witnesses religious discrimination but fails to act as being complicit to these discriminatory activities. Where a Limited Liability Company is involved, both individual and entity may be held responsible, depending on the circumstances of your case. This can occur where a court allows the attorney to “pierce the veil”, or go through the legal protection over personal liability, which is generally provided by an LLC.

How A Torrance Religious Discrimination Attorney Could Help You

As with other types of discriminatory behavior, religious discrimination cases may be ironclad, or they may be more subtle and complex to litigate. As experienced religious discrimination attorneys, your Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers lawyer has the skills and expertise required to handle even the most challenging and complex of cases, recovering the damages and compensation you deserve.
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