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Applicants seeking employment with any company of their choosing must be equivocally measured based on skill and education. White, purple, black, green, or fuchsia, all applicants are to be treated equally. The same applies to individuals putting in for advancements or requesting raises.
Working with a Riverside racial discrimination attorney can help bring wrongdoers to justice. Ethnic inequality has long been an issue in America’s workforce. Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers approaches each claim of racial discrimination as seriously as the actions which have affected you.

Types Of Race Discrimination

There are many different forms of racial discrimination that can be found in the workplace. When you go to work, you never imagine that you will be subjected to discrimination based on something you cannot control like your gender or race. If you do experience discrimination of any kind you will need to contact a Riverside racial discrimination attorney to help you through the process. The most common forms of racial discrimination include:

  • Being denied a position based on ethnic background or race
  • Promotion being denied based on your racial background
  • Disrespectful comments against a particular race
  • Wrongful termination based on racial difference
  • When an employee of one ace is treated differently than other employees or another race
  • Benefits and advancement opportunities are denied due to race
  • Retaliation of suing the employer related to racial issues
  • A hostile work environment is created from racial tensions

These are a few examples of what constitutes race discrimination in the workplace. If you have experienced any of these circumstances or something similar you need to contact a Riverside racial discrimination attorney to discuss your options.

The Laws Of Discrimination Protect Employees

Civil Rights Laws predating the 1970’s were enacted to close racial gaps in public and private sector jobs, along with everyday life. Whereas employers would hire only white folks in early times, government organizations like the EEOC were formed specifically to protect the rights of all workers because of race or color.
Any Riverside racial discrimination attorney – even proponent of civil rights – will tell you how unfairly certain races have been treated in places of employment, and not necessarily physically. We understand the frustration you must feel, and work hard to resolve matters as quickly and quietly as possible.
To successfully back your claim, we must:

  • Prove the claimant, who has undergone horrific racial bigotry, is legally employed and a part of a protected class. Since Civil Rights Act protects all persons, and you’re a person, this is relatively easy to prove.
  • Discover that claimant was subjected to adverse action, such as demotion, suspension without pay, or termination, based on the claimant’s race or color. This is where most of our efforts are placed because while we can obviously prove you were terminated, proving unrecorded commentary is a bit more challenging for our Riverside racial discrimination attorney. But we get it done.
  • Individuals who weren’t members of protected classes were treated favorably, such as given promotions, more pay, or perks not offered to the claimant. This one is relatively easy to figure out.

Both direct evidence (proof that an employer belittled your race) and statistical evidence (a proven track record of similar treatment to employees under similar circumstances) can be presented by our Riverside racial discrimination lawyer to strengthen your case.

Deadlines For Filing

Any lawsuit will have deadlines and statutes that need to be considered when trying to file a claim. Racial discrimination lawsuits are no different. Many cases will need to be filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission within 300 days from the last incident of discrimination. This is a short window and you will need to act fast. The EEOC may try to resolve the claim prior to you being eligible to file a lawsuit.
The deadline for a lawsuit is even smaller as there is only a 90 day period where you can file from the date of receiving notice from the EEOC. you may also require a right to sue letter from the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH). If you have this letter your deadline to file a lawsuit is one year from the date on the letter. If you do not file within these deadlines you may not be able to obtain compensation or justice for your hardships.

Compensation For Racial Discrimination In The Workplace

Experiencing discrimination in the workplace can be so daunting that you may be fired or even quit your job due to the working conditions or environment. The most common forms of compensation you may be entitled to receive are compensatory damages, punitive damages, and equitable relief. The goal of equitable relief you are meant to get back to a place you would have been if the discrimination never occurred. This often covers:

  • Front pay
  • Back pay
  • Lost benefits
  • Lost bonuses
  • Raises
  • Possible promotions
  • Returning to your previous job

Compensatory damages on the other hand deal with emotional distress related to workplace discrimination. Punitive damages are not the easiest to obtain but are only seen in extreme cases where that employer was grossly negligent.
Having a riverside racial discrimination attorney in your corner will help you seek the compensation and career milestones you are entitled to.

Don’t Let Racial Discrimination Ruin You

We don’t encourage victims of racially charged statements and actions to stand idly by while the perpetrator continues their ethnically pointed remarks. You have the right to stand up, even receive compensation for time off work, emotional damage remarks have done to your family, and all other relief courts may impose against companies who circumvent hate speech.
At Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers, your voice is heard. Action is taken, even if that means forming a class action suit to protect numerous victims simultaneously.
Have you been let go, demoted, retaliated against, discriminated or ousted from your position because of racial bigotry? Tired of watching coworkers go through similar problems? Our Riverside racial discrimination case results will prove our work ethic speaks for itself.
Reach out to Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers to handle all issues related to racial hatred in the workplace.

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