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When you apply for a new job, or a promotion in your current workplace, your application should be assessed on the basis of your experience and ability to do the job. Your skin color, race, and national origin should not come into it. After all, whether you are black, white, yellow, orange, or all the colors of the rainbow, if you are the most qualified applicant, the job should be yours. Aside from experience and ability, you are legally entitled to be treated equally to all other candidates.
If you have been subjected to racial discrimination in the workplace, a Torrance attorney from Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers could act to bring justice to the offending employer. Inequality on the grounds of race has been an issue in United States workplaces for far too long, and our expert legal team will work tirelessly to ensure your case is handled with the gravity and dedication it deserves.

Civil Rights Laws, And A Torrance Racial Discrimination Attorney, Can Protect Your Rights

The civil rights laws which prohibit racial discrimination in the workplace have been in place for several decades now, although countless employers continue to act as though they do not exist. The gaps in public and private sector employment are still evident, although government organizations such as the EEOC were formed specifically to protect the rights of workers who were discriminated against due to their race or skin color.
It is no secret that white employees have long been favored in the California workplace but, in 2018, this is most certainly not acceptable, and a Torrance racial discrimination attorney will do their utmost to not only secure a favorable outcome on your behalf but to ensure your employer sees the error of their ways and acts more lawfully in future.
To enable us to handle your case as effectively and efficiently as possible, your Torrance racial discrimination attorney must:

  • Prove that you, as the employee who has been victim to bigotry and racial discrimination, are legally employed and a member of a protected class. As the Civil Rights Act protects all people, you will automatically fall into this category
  • Prove that you were denied employment, refused a promotion or pay increase, or wrongfully terminated due to your race. While proving that you were dismissed will be reasonably straightforward, much of your attorney’s work will be focused on gathering evidence that your employer acted on the grounds of race
  • Prove that individuals, who were not of a protected class – which will relate to race in this instance –were employed, awarded promotions and pay increases, and similar

Both direct evidence of your employer acting in this way towards you, and statistical evidence relating to them behaving similarly in the past, maybe used when building your case.

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You deserve to be treated as an equal in the workplace. If you have been unfairly treated due to your race or skin color, a Torrance racial discrimination attorney from Rager & Yoon – Employment Lawyers could provide the expert legal counsel you deserve.
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