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Loving your job, then losing it without warning or fault, can collapse families quicker than they were formed. When the breadwinner suddenly loses their income, small things like food become difficult to obtain. The employment law attorney Pasadena ex-employees hire during these troubling times can make things right again – if chosen wisely.

Not only does wrongful termination encompass employment law, discrimination and harassment fall under employment laws which employers must follow. And that’s barely cracks the surface.

The Rager Law Firm defends those who’ve been wronged at work.

Protecting Employment Rights Of Mistreated Employees

Employment law, by definition, covers everything that transpires when you’re on company time. Bullying, demotions, unreasonable expectations and unfair paycheck handling are just some situations where employees may feel like litigating against their employer.

The employment law attorney Pasadena citizens trust most comes from The Rager Law Firm. Together with outside assistance if necessary, clients can expect our full attention to detail when it comes to punishing employers that:

  • Religiously discriminate against employees
  • Threaten to harm or otherwise retaliate against whistleblowers
  • Fail to honor FMLA
  • Put employees in harmful situations with intent to ‘flush them out’
  • Discriminate based on age, sex, creed or color
  • Violate the Equal Pay Act
  • Terminate an employee’s job without basis or reason
  • Violate employee’s civil rights
  • Force an employee to act recklessly to ‘keep their job’

Employers are held to pretty high standards of law. Certain cases we take are prima facie, or obvious enough fact-wise to withstand any element of reasonable doubt. Regardless, we examine all client issues and handle many cases where employees themselves didn’t think substantial evidence existed.

Our job is getting our clients satisfactory results, so they may continue working elsewhere without giving hope financially. Corporations are intimidating to face alone, but The Rager Law Firm assistance is far more powerful.

Workplace Injuries Aren’t Always Physical

Sometimes the worst possible damage employers can do involves financial or emotional distress at work.

Ladies endure ‘cat calls’, emotional abuse and being forced to perform unqualified jobs in retaliation of rejecting sexual advances. Young, naïve men are often setup in schemes so executives don’t take the fall. The list of workplace injuries is endless, so The Rager Law Firm employs the most experienced employment law attorney Pasadena workers have trusted for decades.

Procedural violations and policy changes that injured worker’s rights are other areas covered by our firm.

How The Rager Law Firm Approaches Employment Cases

Employers work hard drawing up rules and regulations for workers to follow. That’s reasonable; having structure protects everyone and (theoretically) keeps advancement opportunities and workplace safety even keel.

But major corporations, even smaller businesses, shoot themselves in the foot by failing to live up to the very same standards they wrote. Whereas one executive action may prohibit workplace discrimination, another executive will use racially charged statements to belittle an employee. It’s sad.

To consult with an employment law attorney Pasadena residents trust for all employment-related issues, call The Rager Law Firm today. The initial consultation is free, but the peace of mind knowing experts are standing in your corner is priceless.

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